• Shannon Eastman

4 Biggest Reasons Why Marketing Keeps Failing Us

Updated: Apr 16

Marketing gets a bad rap. And in most cases, rightfully so. 

And if the truth be known, we probably enjoy mocking marketing folk just a little bit too much. 

But at the end of the day, business owners need some form of marketing to keep things moving. So what is it with marketing that has us jaded and wanting to spit, and not celebrating its success?  

I reckon it's got a lot to do with the effort we put in and the pittance we get out. Yes?

Well, that begs the next question... 

Why is marketing so much more nightmare than a fairy tale?  

Great question. The answers are no doubt endless, but let's have a go anyway.  

ONE: Tactics are the last thing to figure out.


Yet for some mad bonkers reason, tactics tend to be the first thing we reach for when we're hurting enough to actually consider marketing. Ironically, tactics-only marketing is a lot like peeing in the sand.  

TWO: Marketing is a lot like a medical practice. 

We don't visit an ear nose throat doctor when our eyes are giving us problems, do we? Consider that we should not be assuming all marketers are able to help us. A marketing specialist who practices in your specific area would be far better at diagnosing, prescribing and thus resolving said business predicament.   

THREE: Psychology or marketing? 

I'd suggest it's both psychology AND marketing.


Because moving your business forward is as much about genius marketing as it is about ensuring the business owner gets and stays out of his own way.  Am I allowed to say that? 

FOUR: Going the distance. 

Wham bam thanks for nothing.

Overnight successes take 20 odd years to make and get rich quick schemes are dirty. In my 100 odd years of experience, marketing momentum shows up inside 16 weeks of consistent action. Not a 4 week throw it and see what sticks attempt.  

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Namaste kids!




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