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Find, hire, onboard your perfect marketing dept. of one. Part 2 of 4.

This is part 2 in a 4 part series. 

If you're not quite sure if you're ready for your very own marketing department of one yet, this post is a handy read. 

If on the other hand you are chomping at the bit to get going, then this post will share some valuable insights on how to Find your perfect for you Marketing Department of One forever now known as your MDOO and we'll cover things like:

1. Job Descriptions

2. Job Ads

3. Advertise the Job.

4. Yes. No. Maybes.

5. Shortlisting the first round.

6. Shortlisting the second round. 

7. The Final two.

Finding an MDOO means you've got a job to be done. 

Job Description anyone? 

"Whatever it takes" is pertinent for sure, but not helpful. 

I've yet to find a job description that actually gets the job done for the business and for the newly acquired MDOO. So I found something that can safely take its place and IMO do the job better than the good ol' last century JD. (Eeek. Did I just say that out loud?)

The JD actually helps you get super clear on what is going to move the business forward whilst ensuring your MDOO can feel as confident as possible about what to get stuck into so they can rack up some early quick wins.

1. Your 91-Days to Success carefully crafted from the companies' 90-days of Focused Flow Plan. The name I give to that thing that contains the highest valued actions done daily over the next 90-days to achieve milestones and thus targets and ultimately revenue goals. 

2. Marketing Dashboard which is in my opinion the mother of all job descriptions. On the left hand side is a list of each work stream and running across is a breakdown of each task allocated to that workstream. Again, this is carefully crafted from the Focused Flow Plan. 

3. Shortlisted day-to-day marketing areas your MDOO will want to be comfortable learning, swimming in or trouble shooting.  This is created from your Marketing Dashboard. This shortlist is used to write your Job Ad.  For example: 

Online Marketing: 

Social Media Content; design and copy.

Community Management: twitter, FB, LinkedIn. 

Landing Pages: Creation, Implementation, Course Correction.

Offline Marketing: 

Direct Mail: preparation, fulfilment and tracking.

Events: Fliers/Posters/Signage/Door Prizes


Emails, phone, in person follow up with leads, peers, networks and customers. 

Weekly and bi-weekly status updates with director(s).


Resourceful at figuring stuff out. 

Comfortable asking questions. 

Creative problem solver with ideas about going around, over or under obstacles. 

We know the high value stuff that will move the business forward.

We understand the first 90-days of activity to get moving on.

We've used that to confirm/validate/sign off on the need for an MDOO and we've shortlisted the day-to-day marketing areas our MDOO will be working in the most. 

Job Ad comes next.

We have two type of job ads that we use as the baseline to edit and tailor for your exact needs. The nature of the business, the personality profile of the owner and the type of work and related scope tied to the position is used to determine if we use Steady Eddie or Make it happen Mary.

Steady Eddy:

They are going to be really great at taking direction,

asking questions to get it right,

executing the activity,

following up the activity and

refining it for next time.

Perfect for business owners who are going to be directly involved in the day-to-day.

They want a self starter, getter-donner AND they know what they want and how they want it done and want to be involved a little more than most. 

Make it happen, Mary:

They are going to be really great at taking this blank canvas, the linkedin network and slamming the phone, email, social media and whip up the website, sales collateral and the event next month. They want to know the key objective. expected results, be shown their toolbox then set free to get it done. 

Perfect for business owners who not going to be direclty involved in the day-to-day. They want a self starter, go-getter who will be confident making themselves at home in the business, in the industry and potentially (after year two) on your non-exec board.

Once we've got the type of ad nailed, we want to have the following set-up/turned on to keep the process efficient: 

1. The thing they are going to do to include with CV/CL that we will use to filter with Yes, No, Maybe. Simple instructions that will show their personality type and their attention to detail. 

2. Email address for candidates to send details through to: whatspossible at teachabrandtofish dot com - do not recommend it be your own email. Ever. 

Advertise the role: 

LinkedIn Premium is a pretty good tool.

We use it. We recommend it.

The ad runs for 30-days.

We also include: 

1. Your social networks. 

2. A blog post on your website. 

3. Submitting the ad to your professional networks, bodies and associations. 

4. City specific job boards. 

5. Teach a Brand to Fish blog 

6. Teach a Brand to Fish social networks. 

Yes. No. Maybes. 

Reasonably straight forward.

But worth  a mention.

  • Personality is number one factor. Will they contribute to the company culture you need today and will they be a cornerstone for culture as the team grows a year down the line? 

  • Access, contacts, network already established that would support you is number two.

  • Demonstrable Skills is number three factor. 

  • Experience less important given the junior role and the salary. We also will have scope to train/teach them from day one so they can get the skills they need. 

And the Job Ad has some built in filters for us to use. 

1. Did they follow instructions. Not always used to pitch them in the No... but if you are wanting a Steady Eddie, then probably not an ideal candidate. 

2. Aesthetic/look and feel of the submission. If you want a Make it Happen Mary, then this is important. 

3. Sense of personality? 

4. Ability to bring contacts and access to the role? 

Shortlisting the first round for 2x 20 minute phone calls: 

1. Chemistry and synergy call one. 

2. Competency call two. Marketing Competency and Executive Competency

Conversations and soft interviews are managed with an excel spreadsheet that notes the answers of each candidate for review, compare, contrast after the face. 

There can be as many as 10, as little as 5.

Candidates moving on to round two are invited to choose one of two exercises to complete, and then present in round two. We are very candid and clear with the candidates about what we are looking for and how we'll be measuring their submission. 

Shortlisting the second round for face to face interviews: 

Ideally we have 4 candidates through this pool. 

They are face to face interviews usually in a hotel in city center. 

We shortlist our favourite two. We sense check them online. We invite each one to complete a personality profile test. 

Final interviews with the last two is with you. 

You get to meet both candidates and then when they're complete, call us back in to review your thoughts, fears, worries, dreams and weigh pros and cons of each. 


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