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I am donating my services to SME throughout April; here's how it works. #Covid19 #TogetherEconomy

Updated: Apr 8

Some of our Track Record from last quarter:

  1. 266% increase in revenue inside 6-months

  2. New business models that generated revenue inside 4-weeks

  3. Digital Products from concept to sales

  4. Building sales funnels that work

  5. Filling pipelines

  6. Strategic Partnerships

  7. Joint Marketing Campaigns

  8. Personal Brand efforts that resulted in:

  • Unsolicited paid speaking opps (5k for 1hour)

  • Journalists calling for comment

  • All the other Google ranking nice-to-haves

Some of the services available:

We are absolutely about practical, functional, good enough is good enough, to get you into meaningful traction now. We course-correct efforts in real-time; a process that allows us to respond to what's happening at the moment to maximise results, impact and value.

Because we are a Growth consultancy, (marketing is one of 5 strings to our bow) we pull from an enormous pool of experience, skill sets, and resources to inspire a solution that is perfect for you. From vision and strategy to an SEO plan. We'll pick the exact bits that make sense for you, now.

The above visual provides an indication of the areas we feel b2b firms would benefit from most during these unprecedented times. Please consider that this visual represents approx 25% of what we offer.

What other people have said about us:

Jennifer Cahill, Savvi Recruitment: "Working with Shannon has been the best investment we have made in our business. She is incredibly shrewd and commercially savvy with an infectious positivity and can-do attitude. She is an absolute powerhouse! Since working with Shannon, we've gained a commercial clarity that we simply would not have achieved by ourselves. She has challenged us and pushed us to be more innovative, to be braver and ultimately that has put us on a path that we didn't even see three months ago. If you're a business owner who needs B2B marketing expertise, I can't recommend Shannon highly enough."

Daniel Lawlor, Aquest Advisory: Have you seen the movie “Pulp Fiction”? Do you remember The Wolf(Harvey Keitel’s character)? That’s Shannon. She solves problems and gets results. Do what she says and you’re golden. Simple.

Mark Fenton, MASF Consulting: Creative genius. Marketing Wizardry and business results that made me think I should hit pause 2 days after our marketing launch, it was that successful. Shannon's insight, support and ability to bring clarity, create powerful solutions and to consistently deliver effective results has me in awe. No way Shannon is just a marketer. She knows business, creative processes and the psychology of getting into and maintaining momentum. One of the best investments my business has made so far. Highly recommend Shannon.

Simon Haigh, Simon Haigh dot com: Expectations- having met Shannon before, I expected the session to be useful. I wasn't sure what the mix of commercial orientation vs personal analysis there would be. Experience- I was not disappointed. In fact, the session exceeded my expectations. Shannon is quite unique in that she gets the commercial stuff and need for pragmatic planning, whilst also working with the fact that entrepreneurs are people with all the emotions and energy that go with it. Take outs- I can say that, whether consciously or subconsciously, I believe both, Shannon's session has served as a marker- kind of driving force in my business orientation and personal journey that surrounds that.

Sean Weafer, Sean Weafer dot com: Shannon is a top-class marketeer. Not only was she innovative, she was immensely patient with my 'butterfly' brain. Plus she doesn't take any prisoners when it comes to implementing a marketing strategy. I credit her with getting me to take steps to implement positive and profitable changes in my business. Very happy to recommend her anytime to any small firm who has a 'marketing department of one'.

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How we start:

Email Shannon at shannon@teachabrandtofish.com to schedule a 2.5-hour session. Please include your preferred communication platform and the related handle/ ID to find/add you on there. Skype, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts.


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