TABTF is not for everyone. 

Not just because we specialise in a particular area... because we are simply one way of getting there. 


Just like there are many ways to calculate the number 9; 

(11-2, 100-91, 8+1, 6+3) there are many ways to resolve your growth.


Assume our approach to growth is 11-2. That approach will resonate with you, or you will realise you are more 6+3 instead. How helpful to discover that inside the first hour?

There are an extensive set of skills, experience and resources made available to those adamant on dancing to their own beat. 

Things like: 

The opposite

of nature is impossible.






Business Life Cycles


Pivots & Pilots

Digital Platforms








Internal comms 

Joint ventures

Marketing & Sales results inside 16weeks

Personal Brand Programmes

Content, Media and Video

Shannon Eastman

...is founder and lead facilitator at TABTF supported by a full time team of 4 in the Philippines. The We breaks down into approximately 75% Me, 25% We, if Philly are even required at all.


TABTF exists to co-create meaningful results with and for our clients that facilitates the best possible route to sustainable and profitable growth.


I reckon I've got about 100 years experience studying, practising and applying growth-based initiatives with and for SMEs in UK, Middle East, Moscow, Canada, Australia and Ireland. A beautiful combination of war wounds and wins. 

Today I am facilitating business leaders to; create. build, grow, and innovate revenue streams, products and programmes, as well as define and secure ideal target markets for commercially sound results in as little as 16-weeks. I do that inside a facilitated workshop; I do that with them over 4-week blocks, or we do a combination of the two. 



Call, click, or coffee...


The coolest workspace this side of the river.

New Work Junction

11 Wynnefield Road,


Dublin 6, Ireland

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