1. The opposite of nature is impossible

Nature as an efficient teacher

of sustainable and profitable growth cycles.


Your business is your vehicle to self actualisation. It will drop kick you into the most efficient route for personal growth we know of today.  Understanding how your gremlins were intended, shifts the narrative from no energy with lots of self defeat, to states of more flow, less force. 


You want results. We do too. Meaningful, sustainable and profitable results that over 16 ish weeks or so, has you in sufficient momentum. At this point you can hire your own team, recruit a marketing person, or do it yourself.  Cross that bridge when you get there. And you will get there. 


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  1. TABTF has an office in Rathmines D6 - right now it is only Shannon Eastman who frequents it ad hoc.

  2. TABTF has 4 full-time staff in the Philippines. We refer to them as Philly. <3

  3. TABTF is a big fan of SMEs working with remote talent; we invite all of our clients to ask us about how the remote office operates to inspire their own idea for how they can replicate it in their firm. 

  4. TABTF roots date back to 1990, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Yes! John Candy, Bobsled team movie. and 88 Olympics)

  5. TABTF S.T.E.P. Methodology emerged on a set of large post-it notes one Saturday morning all over Shannon's gaff in St. John's Wood London, UK back in 2014. Shannon invited a group of 8 peers to spend half a day with her in her gaf, in order to analyze and rip apart the ideas presented on the day, with the intention of improving them. This process has since been repeated more than 950x.

  6. Teach a Brand to Fish is a play on the parable “Give a man to fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.”  TABTF has a high value on making our clients independent in their growth.

  7. TABTF founder and lead facilitator is Shannon Eastman. You can creep her over here

  8. TABTF has had a few people along the years apply to be a junior facilitator in order to learn, and ultimately master the methodology so they can work with it in their own lives. As such a train the trainer programme has emerged. 

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