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Marketing Lead
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If it's not a celebration of marketing, I'm not playing. 


I'm the good Indian who got his Masters in Engineering and then rocked up to Accenture to do 2.5 years of engineering stuff based in London UK and India. 


I am glad I did it. And I am even happier I was brave enough to stop the train. My satisfaction, mission, and desire to learn is firmly planted inside the world of Marketing. 


People. Behaviour. Design. Technology. Brand Stories. 


And if the marketing isn't deemed celebration worthy, then it's just not good enough. 


I packed in my engineering career and went searching for two things: 



  1. Marketing Experience

  2. Masters in Marketing



I got both. 


My experience took me first, to the heart of Social Enterprise before it turned left and dropped me off in the world of Data Science and AI. 


My opportunity to get my Masters degree took me to Trinity College, Dublin Ireland. 


I was a man on a mission. To be part of the team that creates marketing worthy of celebrating. 


My choices were to go back to the big corporates with my Marketing cape and a dream, only to end up as a cog in a machine or pursue a role in a smaller company where I could immerse myself in business strategy, marketing strategy, cash flow, execution, people, staff, new business and more. 


Small Business it is. 


I got to experience Shannon's (unorthodox) brilliant approach to marketing. While I was somewhat scared, I was clear. Teach a Brand to Fish was going places... and I literally had to be on that train!


I've hit the ground running. I'm watching new business show up week after week, and I'm being stretched, challenged and pushed to be better. 


I've also had to unlearn a few of the ideas, constructs, and material from my Masters program along the way and get pretty good at being comfortable, being uncomfortable. 


I'm an engineer, a marketer, and an avid traveler. I am excited by futuristic technologies. I prefer green tea over coffee. I volunteer. I read.

I listen to podcasts.