Sustainable & profitable

Growth inside 16-weeks 

Have you seen the movie “Pulp Fiction”?

Do you remember The Wolf (Harvey Keitel’s character)?

That’s Shannon. She’s solves problems and gets results.

Do what she says and you’re golden. Simple. 


Daniel Lawlor, Ex-Regulator, Funds Lawyer, Director at Aquest Advisory

So what about Growth, then? 

Growing your business involves the applied efforts of marketing, media, sales & PR over a 16-week period. Many times it also require you to unlearn & relearn a few times over.


I'm guessing that you are (a new or) small-medium business considering proactive marketing for the first time. 

1. you have a marketing dept. of one - (probably you)

2. you are frustrated by marketing - (an understatement)

3. you want marketing that feels good and works. - got it!

Free Business Growth resources you can take right now: 

1. 50 Ft. View of a powerful Approach to Marketing Strategy

2. Getting Clarity of the future & your starting point today

3. Here's a successful sales funnel for you to take & use

4. 6 of our most popular growth hacks

5. Branding The Founder is as important as Cashflow

6. Free 70-Minute 1-to-1 Workshop for your business




Marketing, Media, Sales, PR, Target Audience, Marketing People, Campaigns, Sales Funnels, Brand, Website, new markets, research, conferences, events, partnerships, Joint Ventures, product development, vision, mission, strategy

3Hr Blocks of Support


  • The Leadership Team

  • The Marketing Team

  • Micro Learning

  • 1/2 day sessions

  • 4 week programs


  1. From Zero to One in 4-week PAYG blocks 

  2. From One to Momentum in 10hr blocks 

  3. Media Assets to Growth Campaigns

  4. TABTF Marketing Support in 10hr Blocks

  5. Hire your in-house Marketing People 

  6. Hire your own team in Philippines 

10Hr and 4-Week Blocks of PAYG Support.

We don't do long term anything here. 


Growth Club is 16-weeks of meaningful action that moves your business (and I guess you) from zero to one. 


Using the TABTF S.T.E.P. Method, we will take you and your business on a 16-week journey to get you from zero to one, with a small group of your peers. 

Coming March 2021


30-Minute Clinics

90-Minute Workshops

Half Day Immersive

Coming February 2021



Micro Learning


and Bundles

Coming February 2021

We start with a Free Workshop


1. What do you mean by Consultancy? 

This is a Do-It-With-You Service typically provided (initially) in 4-week blocks, that over time, almost always becomes, 10-hour blocks.  The effort to go from inertia to momentum warrants a good bit of effort. As you start shifting from, ground zero into traction, and then momentum, your requirement for TABTF becomes less and less. We tend to think that 16-weeks to go from zero to one is a good rule of thumb. In some cases, a second 16-week block is required to go from 1 to Momentum.


Inside this time, a #TABTF Consultancy service seeks to work with you to co-create the efforts that are perfectly placed to move you through our approach to growth - TABTF S.T.E.P. Method.


This literally means working with Shannon Eastman, week in and week out, on the creative & strategic side, while having support from the #TABTF team in Philly. (Philippines) to facilitate the tactical side. Of course, if you have a marketing team already, you probably won't need Philly. Or you might need us to help you secure your own Philly. 

2. What do you mean by Advisory? 

This is a Tell-You-How-To-Do-It Service typically provided to you in 5Hr blocks. There are times when your situation warrants the insights and expertise of Shannon (Me) only, so you can apply those insights yourself, or instruct your own team accordingly. You don't need the doing part, you just need to tap into some Clarity, Creativity while getting an inside look at the #GrowthHacks available to you that transform stuck into momentum in seconds - not months. Yes, seconds! 

3. What about Live Events? 

#TABTF have live events going live in March 2021. These are a paid for events that make it possible for you to do-it-yourself. A combination of 90-minute, half day and full day events that come complete with workbooks, case studies, and tools to take away for you to implement. 

4,. Why do we begin with a Free 70-Minute workshop? 

So many reasons. This is a structured workshop that takes you and your business on the #TABTF growth journey. It is designed to give you an immersive experience of our approach and methodology so we can both resolve if it is right for your business. #TABTF has one way of facilitating growth. That way may or may not be right for your business. How incredible to have certainty on that inside the first hour. If we find we are a good fit, then I already have a pretty solid picture of the best possible starting point for your business making the following engagement efficient and clearly defined. 

5. What is TABTF? 

#TABTF is a vehicle for creating the shortest possible route to sustainable and profitable growth. We combine decades of experience, insights, and wisdom from solving growth problems for hundreds of businesses seeking sustainable and profitable growth. We pull from the fields of Marketing, Media, PR, Sales, Human Behaviour and universal laws in order to bring your business the best possible growth formula.  The opposite of nature is impossible. We apply nature based growth strategies in business for the best possible return. 

6. How does TABTF typically work with clients?

We almost always work with the business owner initially over the first 4 to 16 weeks in 4-week PAYG blocks of support. When we have achieved a degree of momentum, that support tends to become 5 or 10hr blocks of support to maintain momentum. Sometimes we train in-house teams in week 16, so the maintenance of momentum is managed in-house. Firms can keep Shannon on board in an Advisory role thereafter. 


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