Going from Zero to One is a milestone and a gateway.

You seek clarity, focus, meaningful action and results. You're not quite sure how to get to the starting line, and yet seek it out, you must. 

Planting seeds is a facilitated programme for anyone setting out on the path of living their purpose. You know the vicinity with which you want to show up and not much else. 


Spanning personal and business growth, we will seek to bring your heart song into a shape and form that:  

1. resonates with the market you are here to serve

2. generates revenue

3. has a brand, language and structure that feels congruent 

4. moves you from meaningful action, into momentum by having a knowingness and strategy to use when the fear, shame and guilt (FSG Triangles) appears. (and they always do)


Zero to One

A 6-week programme that we will move through together to bring clarity to you, your heart song, and those you are here to serve.  

This is the synthesis of you and your business idea through: pre-work, four 1-2-1 sessions, actions to take between sessions, market research

Formal outputs: 

1. Business plan. Sample framework is found here. 

2. 2 to 3 high valued actions to do daily for the next 30-days to move you from inertia into traction. 

3. A clear strategy to engage when the fear, shame, guilt  (FSG Triangle) gremlins appear. 

4. Expanded awareness of you, your business and the possibilities available to you. 

5. More flow, less force. 

From €2200/month  

(+VAT for Irish Residents)

A formal proposal will be prepared after our free workshop. 


Zero to One

Pre-work and intake form, live face to face x2 over 2 weeks, as well as post work to take away and do between sessions and at the end of session two.

From €2700 

(+VAT for Irish Residents)

One 75-Minute Session 

Zero to One

Pre-work and intake form, live face to face as well as post work to take away and do after the fact. 

€300  (+VAT for Irish Residents)



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