with Human Behaviour Expert, Dr. John Demartini

Venue: The Hotel Riu Plaza Gresham
When: Wed, 22 May 2019

Time: 19h00 – 21h30

Fall down 7x get up 8! 

Have you ever had REALLY BRILLIANT IDEAS but never quite gotten around to taking action?


Ever set goals for the coming months, only to worry about everything that could possibly go WRONG and then found yourself trapped in your own inertia?


Ever wondered what it is EXACTLY that holds you back from taking action? And where it comes from?


Dr John Demartini’s inspiring, insightful and informative presentation – Overcoming Fear and Taking Action on Wednesday, 

22 May 2019 in Dublin will help you learn how to take action so you can finally get the things you really want in life!


Dr Demartini will go through EACH AND EVERY ONE of the mechanisms that can lead you to question, hesitate and ultimately stop doing something amazing with your life.


He will share his tried and tested practical strategies on how to:


•  Work out WHY each fear is there and where it originates from;

•  What constructive FEEDBACK each fear is giving you; and

•  How to ultimately BREAK THROUGH the blocks and fears that are keeping you from taking action!


You will leave the presentation with powerful tools that you can begin implementing immediately so that you are ready to face whatever situation, challenge or fear you encounter in the future.


It’s going to be an extraordinary evening with Dr Demartini!

Dr. John Demartini
live at the Hotel Riu Plaza Gresham
Wednesday 22 May 7:00pm - 9:30pm

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