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  • Thu, Feb 11
    Online Clinic
    Being Yourself Clinic | Clarity, Focus, Action, Fear, Shame, Guilt
    "I know what I am supposed to do but I just can't do it!" This is a framework, process and insights for anyone curious about the human condition as it relates to the constellation of Clarity, Focus, Action, Fear, Shame, Guilt. This Clinic will describe exactly how to change the pattern.
  • Wed, Feb 17
    Online Clinic
    Grow Your Business Clinic | The Maths of Growth
    We will present, unpack and apply the formula for the Maths of Business Growth inside 90-Minutes. You will learn the formulas in a way that let's you can adjust the variables of the formula to make it your own. Includes: Workbook, editable templates and x3 examples to take away


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