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GET YOUR 1st Podcast live!

This live, interactive 2-Part workshop will take you by the hand as you go from idea to your

published episode on your very own channel.

Value: €484 Inc. VAT 

FIMC Value: €121 Inc. VAT

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Learn from the team behind the Aquest Podcast,

Work That Matters podcast, 7-Minute Cyber

and numerous other media productions.

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A published episode!

Or the knowledge, tools and roadmap to do exactly that on your own clock.

This 2-Part Live Workshop looks like this: 



Before we get into the classroom: 

  1. An Intake Form to complete 1 week before we kick off.

On the day: 

  1. We will have a maximum of 8 participants in each workshop to ensure we give you the attention you deserve. 

  2. We will share a set of material with you on the day to work through with us live.  

  3. We will walk you through the exact steps on the day to set up and publish your channel. 

  4. We will give you a couple of weeks to complete Episode 1 before we bring you back into a final online classroom to guide you through the publishing of your first episode.


Come back with your recorded episode and we will walk you through the publishing  process. 


Devils and Details: 

Where does it happen? 


This workshop is virtual. A Zoom link will be provided. 

When does it happen? 

Choose either December or January.

>> 1 December 2020 for part 1 - then 11 December for part 2.

>> 12 January 2020 for part 1, - then 22 January for part 2.

What is covered, exactly?


  1. Title, Audience and Commercial Objectives

  2. Media: Brand, Artwork, Intro/Outro to your Episiodes

  3. Podcast Platforms: Hosting

  4. Podcast Distribution

  5. Podcast Episode: The Ingredients

  6. Podcast Recording

  7. Podcast Editing

  8. Publishing your episode on a hosting platform


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