Unprecedented times call for unprecedented, there-is-no-box thinking. Join Shannon Eastman

for a bespoke, 1-to-1 Clarity Workshop to explore how you can adapt and grow your business.


This workshop is free for Business Leaders. Employees are welcome to attend with their leadership team. 

“It’s a powerful and refreshing look at what’s possible for you and your business that makes sense, feels congruent and works. Yes, it’s overwhelming - there’s so much covered and worked out in those 70 minutes, but it’s smart AF.”


P. Blacker, Group Head of Workspace Tech. PTSConsulting





Ideas you can take and apply the next day. 

We are confident you will come away with a different perspective about what is possible for you and your

business, now. 

TABTF would describe this workshop as an unorthodox, somewhat bonkers approach to sustainable and

profitable growth; it's a mashup of education, entertainment and business-growth-genius specifically applied

to your unique situation.

We will pull from decades of experience that move business situations from stuck and frustrated, into

deliberate momentum, 


The intention is that by the end of our 70-minutes you will have plenty of insights to take away and examine,

we will both have a really good sense of each other, and quickly determine whether we are a good match for

the other. 


It’s worth noting that the session can sometimes be uncomfortable, challenging and more often than not,

you can experience overwhelm during and after.

We’re ok with that.

Change, Comfort Zones, Magic, and all that…?

You know how this works.


Where does it happen? 


This workshop is virtual. We use Skype, Google Hangouts, and/or Zoom.


Who attends?


The workshop is free when the business leader of the firm is in attendance for the duration of the session. Employees are welcome to attend. Please note that everyone who attends is required to complete an intake form independent of the others attending.

How do we book it? 


Use the form below. This form triggers a set of events that ensure we get a date/time in the diary.

We will have all participants of the workshop independently complete an intake form 2 days in advance of

our 70 minutes.

devils and details:

We are busier than usual just now.


Please suggest dates for our session that are at least 3 weeks out, preferably 4 weeks. 

We will not be able to accommodate requests for sessions with less than 3 weeks' notice throughout the summer of 2020. Thank you for bending and flexing with us. 

Those who adapt, win.

Apply Now

It's free.

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