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©2019 Teach a Brand to Fish Ltd. | Company number 624353 | VAT number 3535614BH


We'll solve any marketing challenge you bring us, while sharing our unique program for creating sustainable and profitable results from your biz dev efforts.  Only free if the CEO is present for duration of workshop.

Teach a Brand to Fish Free Workshop

each a Brand to Fish | Branding | PR Firm | Marketing Consultants | Marketing Agency | Advertising Company

“It’s a powerful and refreshing look at what’s possible for you and your business that makes sense, feels congruent and works. Yes, it’s overwhelming - there’s so much covered and worked out in those 90-minutes; But it’s smart AF” - P. Blacker, Group head of Workspace Tech. PTSConsulting

Over here at TBF, we would describe this workshop as an unorthodox, somewhat bonkers approach to marketing; a mashup of education, entertainment and marketing genius specifically applied to your business situation that will forever change the way you look at how b2b marketing is (should be) done.


We will literally pull back the curtain and not just show you our Methodology, our Formulas, and our exact S.T.E.P. Model and Momentum Continuum we use (Ahem 16-weeks) to move businesses from stuck and frustrated, into intentional and in momentum, but we will apply it to your business in real time. When we finish, you will have a very good idea about how (you could) to approach your business development efforts (PR, Marketing, Media, Sales) in a way that is more mastery, less mystery.


It’s worth noting that the session is uncomfortable, challenging and more often than not, you will feel various degrees of overwhelm for the few hours after the session.

We’re ok with that.

Change, Comfort Zones, Magic and all that… ?

You know how this works.




Where - First off this workshop can easily be done virtually using video-enabled webex or we can do it at our offices in Dublin 6. If we’re coming to you, we’ll organise well in advance if Travel & Expenses apply. We have travelled to London, Jordan, Toronto and Galway to deliver these things.


Who - The workshop is free when the business owner is in attendance for the duration of the session.

Colleagues are welcome to attend. Please note that everyone who attends is required to complete an

intake form - ideally completed independently of the others attending.

each a Brand to Fish | Branding | PR Firm | Marketing Consultants | Marketing Agency | Advertising Company


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