<4 wks of research informs >80% of your Marketing that yields the greatest ROI.

"There is never enough time to do it right the first time, always plenty of time to do it 10x over."

Said every Biz Professional the world over (through their actions).

Logic, reason, rationality; affirm that starting with research makes sense, and yet for most of us, we just can't bring ourselves to the point of doing it.

Oh No!

We trick ourselves (almost unconsciously) into believing we don't have time for it, or that we already know the outcome or that it will prove redundant because we've already got this. Or (gasp!) that it's not actually that important to marketing.

Clearly you're not the only one...

Consequences of our decisions say it all, don't they?

Regardless of why we zig when everything is demonstrating evidence that we should zag, sooner or later, we find ourselves in a position of having to face the consequences of our decisions.

And over at TABTF, those consequences lend themselves to squeals, chair dancing and all sorts of delicious champagne problems for us and our clients.

Inside 4-weeks, we can generate the most powerful insights that will inform and inspire at least 80% of your marketing activity across the board that will yield you the greatest ROI that will rival your greatest day in business. I guarantee it.

There is an actual Market Research Program that can reduce operational costs, increase revenues, maximise your marketing efforts, and open doors to channel partners, your M&A wish list, all while architecting the most compelling sales funnel you can fathom with the very people you are wanting to serve.

Here's a few things our Market Research Program has facilitated:

1. Christmas 2018 :: FinTech // Payment Authentication Tech for Digital Banks across Europe: Industry regulation was insisting on a level of compliance 9 weeks out from Christmas day. The tech implementation took 7 weeks. Last week November we broke a Minimum Viable Campaign that delivered €220k in sales in week 7 of 12. Direct Mail Campaign x3 meaningful touchpoints.

2. Christmas 2017 :: Consultancy // Culture&Diversity for Enterprise Ireland/UK. First week November we broke a Minimum Viable Campaign that was so successful, the client asked us to turn it off 3 hours after going live. LinkedIn Campaign/Website Landing Page.

3. Spring 2018 :: Consultancy // Sales for Enterprise Client asked for a marketing campaign to give him x6 leads to close. After we completed the Market Research interviews with x6 individuals who resembled his ideal client, he pivoted on the spot and set up an online sales support for middle managers. He then upgraded his pricing and introduced 2 new products that saw him land a global licensing deal and got approached by Consulting Firm to sign him. We were not needed after the market research phase.

4. Christmas 2017 :: FinTech // Branch Transformation for USA Banks: We broke a Minimum Viable Campaign first week of December that saw 24 CIOs of banks respond yes that was leveraged into an event, special report, media across channel partners, industry influencers, and the very banks they want to serve.

So what's in our Market Research Program that has us generating all sorts of next level genius? (And maybe strong arming a few of you into rethinking the bloody market research step FFS.)

<6 Interviews: Just 6 required. We can do more, but 6 works just as well. These are x6 individuals who represent the ideal market you want to serve. It takes the same amount of muscle to get a 2k client as it does a 200k client. Consider the insights you get when you talk to 6 decision makers who each represent the exact same 200k sale?

The Interview: Is (ideally) a video call that uses a set of questions designed off the back of more than 250,000 hours of study in human behavior, micro expressions, tone, language and pattern spotting to ensure we are understanding both what is being said and what is being communicated without words. The conversation is documented. The raw data is then used to produce x2 artefacts. Ideal Client Profile and the Client GPS. 

Ideal Client Profile: This is who you are here to serve. This is the person who represents the X number of decisions makers in the bigger market. This is a close look at his/her personality and his/her activity that when applied, informs more than 80% of your marketing efforts.

Dammit - that link is not linking. Will sort it - for now just pretend it's here. ;)

Client GPS: This is our gift to you. It is a very candid and in-depth look at your business, operations, missing revenue streams, and wish list of what you'd stop./start doing. It highlights the key areas your market feels you should upgrade, iterate and develop. We get this insight because of how we set up the interviews in order to get the data we need to inform the Ideal Client Profile and the Minimum Viable Campaign. 

Industry Deep Dive: An up close look at the industry with which you are operating in as your ideal clients sees it: Competitors, Events, Media, Influencers, Trends, Keywords. This is an industry Deep Dive we will use in tandem with your Ideal Client Profile and interview outputs to define the Minimum Viable Campaign. 

If you're wondering what Market Research might be able to do for you, or how it can get you realising goals inside 16 weeks, then our Free Workshop may be an ideal starting point for us to explore - nope scratch explore - resolve your exact queries among all sorts of other next level stuff.

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