5 Lessons in my first 30 days working at Teach a Brand to Fish!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Getting this job still has me wondering; 'how the heck did I fall over this gem?'

This time two months ago I was scrambling to get my final year Marketing Thesis (At Dublin Institute of Technology) done when I was introduced to Shannon Eastman, Owner/Founder of Teach a Brand to Fish, by a mutual friend who had engaged her firm for marketing stuff.

Beyond that, I had no clue who she was or what she was up to!

All I had to go by was “She’s a marketing wizard! She’s f***** class!” followed by a CC introducing me to her.

(Special thanks to Shekinah! I owe you one.)

Two months later? I’m sold!

It has been a mind-stretching 30 days for me here at Teach a Brand to Fish.

From what I'm learning, to the people I'm meeting and the approach to business I'm actively witnessing, has me... inspired to be here, to do better, think better and serve my clients better.

Here we go! 5 lessons in 30 days!

5. EVERYBODY has to roll up their sleeves and get in the mud!

The great thing about working in a small business is discovering you can swim (with a few props) in the deep-end. Not for the faint of heart, this environment shows you what you're made of and let's you figure out quickly whether the team you're on is here to win, or tick boxes. I'm lucky to be in a role where I am learning from someone who clearly knows what she's doing and makes the space and time to have me actively learning and contributing to the day-to-day activities. As for the mud... It's an all the way in, or all the way out kind of scenario. No exceptions. Boss included.

4. Leverage or die!

Business is all about creating systems. Systems is about having leverage. While Teach a Brand to Fish clearly knows Marketing, Media and Sales... we are a company deeply committed to iterating. Shannon would sum it up with 5 words.

"And next time? Be better!

Our Sales Partner, Joe Guthrie from MindShift would put it like this:

"If you are not thinking about leverage at least 6x a day, then you don't get it!"

Regardless of how it's said and who says it best... I'm building and designing my deliverables for the future, not for right now. Leverage is the game that I'm looking forward to playing.

3. What's the vision? OK! What’s the highest value action right this second? Prioritising tasks and doing the right thing at the right time.

Priorities, Priorities… PRIORITIES!!! I had often read that doing the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. I quickly found this to be true from the first week that I joined. Learning how to prioritise tasks and choose the highest value actions that truly move the business ranks big on my list of learnings this month. It's the mind shift that I practice at work, in life, and at home. The outputs speak for themselves... and the anxiety of having so much to do, while being stupid busy and frustrated by not seeing the results... is a thing of the past.

2. Who you know is JUST as important as what you know!

Yes! Sure who you know is important... consider that WHAT you know is as important, when what you know is how to facilitate fair exchange again and again. Because if it's not a win, win, win then we're not playing. Sustainable and Profitable is the name of the game over here. One sided offers and parasitic anythings get batted into parallel worlds. Takes the WHO you know and WHAT you know insights to a whole new level for me.

1. Focus and specificity (Clarity) are the bedrock for any achievement.

Something that has been repeated over and over again (DAILY!) is the importance of focus.

This applies at the highest level of strategic thinking and trickles down to even the smallest of tasks. The analogy that was used to underpin the extraordinary power of focus was pulled from nature. Nature and Science inspire the business thinking in these parts and their applications demonstrate what you'd expect... efficiency. Do you know how refracted light comes into existence? (A single ray of sun light at a specific point on a prism. The laser focus light is received by the Prism. The light multiplies/refracts/creates rainbow effects.

Big ahah moment for me! I rocked up thinking that what would give me the best vantage point would be learning EVERYTHING. This idea was as quickly thrown into the sink as it was expressed. It is better to achieve levels of mastery in an area, than to be average in many. This echoes the main message of “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, which also states that every successful person you know is successful for their ONE THING. 

If you'd like to hang out with us in person, check out our upcoming events.

If virtual is your thing, our free-workshop may be of interest.

If you're looking for a job, and have an unmistakable passion for marketing, media, sales, small business, then we're always on the look out.

See you back here again in 60-days for the next 5.

Thanks for your attention.


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