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6 Legitimate Reasons to Hate Marketing

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Not all, but many business owners experience various degrees of paralysis, to sensations of being waist deep in quicksand, when it comes to growing their business.

The reasons for this almost always look like one or more of the following:

6 Legitimate Reasons to Hate Marketing

1. You being a master facilitating others, even in marketing for their business; and more deer-in-headlights facilitating your own activities. It melts your mind at times how it's so easy for you to do it for another but not your own business. The blind spots are real.

2. Implementation. Your choices are: figure it out, buy it, barter it. Therein lies many of the challenges: how do you figure it out? If you buy it, how do you know the person you are buying is going to be effective? How do you barter in a way that does not distract you from your business, and yet gets you what you need?

3. Lack of experience; who is excited about putting in the time, muscle and energy to learn something you... actually believe makes you break out in hives.

4. Sifting through infinite resources, and the expensive trial and error that isn't just money; it's taking time away from key areas of the business that need me to do something I have to, but don't like and don't know how to be good at. The struggle is real.

5. Procrastination is a real thing; truth is, you kinda hate marketing. You probably like sales, just not a fan of marketing and anything leading up to the sale - forcing yourself to do it has been known to make you resentful, procrastinate and feel like you're destined to forever remain the best-kept secret in your industry.

6. #AllMarketersShouldDie // Bill Hicks routine is funny for good reason.

Want to understand a bit more about marketing without actually getting near a marketing person? These could be helpful:

1. S.T.E.P. Method; the very methodology we use to figure out where, to begin with, any new business.

2. Sales Strategy Blueprint; it's a good one for the right type of business.

3. Zero to Momentum in 16-weeks. I love this one... use this one in tandem with the S.T.E.P. Method - the 16 weeks is the timeline for the Method.

And we are not even going to bother mentioning our Free Clarity Workshop... we get it. #AllMarketersShouldDie

Namaste kids!



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