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A 7 STEP Growth Process for Small Medium Business

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The opposite of nature is impossible.

And Nature is, hands down, our greatest teacher.

When we can understand efficiencies and growth curves in nature to the degree we can pull them across and apply them in business, what we end up with is: sustainable and profitable.

A specific approach that moves through stages, seasons and a process we can get stuck into because it feels substantial, congruent and resonant.

What follows is simply a summary of the process I find myself repeating time and time again with Small Medium Clients who are pursuing proactive, grown up Marketing for the first time.

Largely because the one off tactics and ad hoc approach to growth now feels intolerable - a process for results worthy of the business is required.

TABTF is one way to approach that desired growth.

We are not for everybody, but for those we are right for, it's like magic.

7 Step Growth Process for Small Medium Business

  1. Impulse to Resolve

  2. Idea 500 ft up

  3. Intel confirms

  4. Inspiration 1 and 3 years is

  5. InDepth look at your Audience

  6. Inventory of now looks like this

  7. Implement

1. Impulse to Resolve

The Impulse you have to resolve a question, situation or any unknown is pressing. In this particular example, and one that I experience most with TABTF is almost always about:

  • How do I grow my business?

  • How do I adapt my business to maximise the best possible return?

  • Where do I get (more) sales from?

  • Who is my Target Market?

When this impulse persists - you start looking for ways to resolve the query, trusting that when you find it, you'll know it to be the solution.

2. Idea 500 Ft Up

Next is the articulation of the "Idea" 500 feet in the air. High level. Succinct as possible and typically includes three things:

  • The Service

  • The Audience

  • The Value Proposition

A wee example of an Idea 500 feet in the air would look like this:

TABTF | a Growth Consultancy

for Small Medium Business

seeking sustainable and profitable results < 16 weeks.

It is common for this 500 foot articulation of your idea to be messy, not quite right, or using language that serves you and your team, but remains a mystery to your audience. All too often, we struggle with being able to use the language of our Audience.

9 times out of 10, your audience does not speak your boardroom language. And if you insist on using that language, then your audience gets to play their trump card -

"What You offer is Not Hyper Relevant To Me - Not Interested Thanks!"

We persist in insisting that we are perfect for them.

But the language we use to communicate to them reinforces to your audience that -

NO! you are not perfect for me. You are not using my language, my problems, my narrative, my situation - so its impossible for me to try and visualise your product/service as being perfect for me when you are using a language I haven't really heard before.

The struggle is real.

3. Intel Confirms what exactly?

You have a service to offer to a group of people and we assume that you either have done your due diligence, or are preparing to complete your due diligence so you can observe what the Intel Confirms as it relates to your Service and your chosen market.

This one is where we start to unwind. And by We, I mean You.

  1. Chosen Market? Whaaaaa?

  2. How do I know which market is mine?

  3. What if I pick the wrong one?

  4. Why just one? Surely if I ran with 3, 4 or 5 markets, my chances of getting one right increases?

Daily! I have that exchange daily! And it's almost always rooted in FOMO and the resistance to Focus. Here's a wee article on More Focus, Less FOMO.

4. Inspiration, 1 & 3 Years out, is what?

This section sits neatly under the word Clarity.

Clarity about a particular point in time and space in your future that details a vision realised by you/your business.

There is a lot to be said about Clarity and this particular phase of the Growth Process.

Allow me to link a few Clarity specific articles on the subject should this be of interest.

  1. Clarity does not elude you, it gets beaten up by your thinking Self.

  2. The TABTF Captured Clarity Process - An Overview

  3. [INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Interesting Things About Clarity

5. In-Depth look at your Audience

Your Target Market - singular - is tied to your Sales Funnel - singular.

You can have as many Target Market/Sales Funnel combinations as you like.

I am being somewhat facetious.

The amount of work required to build a sales funnel that converts inside 16-weeks for a chosen target market is a lot. A lot - A LOT!

To do more than one with a single team of support is asking for none of it to work.

When you are committing to ProActive Marketing efforts - you are literally committing time, money, resources to generating an ROI. In this case, you are proactively pursuing sales. To ensure the best possible return for your time, money, resources, I highly recommend that you pick a single market to generate your sales from.

Your reactive marketing efforts can wander wherever they like. But your proactive marketing (time, resources, money) is focused on one market. One market only.

6. Inventory of now looks like this

This is about teasing out your best possible starting point for your business and unique Growth situation. Businesses are uniquely the same.

The Unique part is where you take stock of your Clarity - and working backwards, reveal the best possible starting point for your right now. That action brings full detail to the highest valued actions you get to take for the next 90-days.

The Same part is the process (or call it a guide) that you follow to get your unique answers to the situation so your data, variables and information is guiding the action planning process.

7. Implement it already

This is typically the highest valued actions done daily as a result of your teasing out your best possible starting point. The 3 or 4 highest valued actions done daily will follow a guide - if as you move through that Guide you say - this is all complete - then skip over that part of the Guide and get to the next item that wants to be

made complete.

In the TABTF world of Growth you will move through tasks that want your Foundation to be firmly in place. Then the next set of tasks will be seeking to complete the metaphorical castle you want sitting on top of that foundation. Then the third batch of tasks will be innovating and elevating the value of that castle so it becomes a beacon for others to seek out.

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