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Adapt, then Grow: examples of firms who have adapted, a few insights and a bit of inspiration

Updated: Jan 5

This is one part blog post, one part free download.

In the last recession

People who lost their jobs, their businesses and their ways of living ten years ago found themselves making a decision to navigate their way out of the recession by focusing on building the new - not unlike you, I imagine.

Here's a reminder of a few firms produced by the last recession:

Challenging times are absolutely challenging - and - you and I both know they also present opportunity for innovation, evolution and growth.

To get lost in the challenge is easy.

To get lost in the opportunities that are available to us now, requires;

  • exercising a perspective that insists on seeing things as they are; not better, not worse.

  • exploring new ideas

  • recognising where you cast your focus, is a choice that has consequences

This is You

A professional using your business as a vehicle to self actualise. You are inspired to grow, serve and create outside your comfort zone. Or you could be one of the 20% looking to get into this space as a result of Covid-19.

Either way, you are seeking viable ways forward for you and your business in these uncertain times.

You're uncomfortable and you're ok.

You don't quite know what you want (or need), but you will know it when you see it.

This is Me

Someone with a few scars that tell their own story about navigating one's business in challenging and unprecedented times.

I am a growth consultant, human behaviour specialist, communications expert and creative director with 25 years experience working with SME. Im equal parts commercial, and inspired.

Born in Canada, today I live in Dublin, Ireland. I ran Teach a Brand to Fish (TABTF) from an office in Dublin up until Covid-19. Now I operate from home. I have a team of 4 full time staff in the Philippines (Philly).

Game Over

I'm writing this in April 2020 where we are all reasonably certain that there is no return to 'normal'. Kind of reminds me of the shift a caterpillar navigates when becoming a butterfly...

What we have known has fallen away and the new has yet to take place. For now, we're in this lovely place of transition.

Unprecedented times compel unprecedented thinking.

Now is the time to remind yourself that you get to choose where you cast your focus. Opportunity to be had vs. opportunity to be wasted.

Of course you are no stranger to breaking rules, dancing to your own beat, or zigging when the world zags. It's that part of you that has you gathering information to inform your next move.

Quite frankly, I salute you!

When it comes to our business, we have a few options to consider right now:

  • Soft pivot or hard pivot

  • Support infrastructure

  • Adjust cash flow

  • Explore blue sky possibilities

I cannot think of a business (who will be still standing a year from now) that will not be exploring at least 2 of those 4 options.

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Adapt, Then Grow - a free weeBOOK for business leaders who already know that crisis contains equal amounts of opportunity.

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