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Brands Adapting: Examples & Resources to take into 2021

Updated: Jan 12

Adapt, Pivot, Innovate is the calling as we wander into the abyss of 2021. Here are three resources for you to use to inspire your own efforts in 2021

  1. How Coaches, Consultancies, Trainers, Advisors and similar are adapting for obvious wins going into 2021

  2. A free weeBOOK | Adapt, then Grow - how firms are winning in crisis. Free to download. It's about 20 pages max

  3. A Business Development Guide - 2021 Edition that has some solid ideas, inspiration, checklists and formulas for you to take an inspire your own business development efforts through the vehicles of pivot, adapt and innovate. Free to access in word and PDF formats. It's about 14 pages in total.

First // Brands Adapting: Examples

We're all online, we're all using technology as if it's a kitchen utensil, and we are all shimmying with the times now. But how exactly have those Small Medium Consultancies, Trainers, Advisers, Coaches and Services firms adapted?

They have adapted a lot like this:

E-com My Consultancy Please!

  1. Shops for widgets

  2. Shops for Merchandise to go with your consulting brand

  3. Shops for digital products

Online Learning!

  1. Self Directed

  2. Pre-recorded

  3. Online Groups and Lives

  4. Webinars

  5. Clinics

  6. Immersives

  7. Workbooks and 10hr Seminars

  8. Virtual Breakouts

  9. EduTainment

  10. MiniConferences

  11. Micro Learning


  1. Paid, Free and Pay What You Can Afford

  2. We are testing everything out as we find our happy place.

  3. From 3 minutes to 10hours - there appears to be a place for everything.

  4. Evergreen

  5. Live

  6. Group

  7. Pre-recorded with live Q&A

Plus One? Or Plus Five?

  1. The above three are done by the firm,

  2. in partnership with another firm,

  3. or in a collaboration with several firms.

Heck #TABTF adapted a few times over since March 2020 and we still are as we too wander in to 2021.

  1. We designed and launched a new Media Platform to innovate a high end consultancy who lost 95% of their business overnight. www.FinanceIrelandMiniCon.com

  2. We are about to launch Personal Brand Club!

  3. We are launching a Shop, Events, and Micro Learning platform in Q1, 2021 too.

Second // ADAPT - THEN GROW, a weeBOOK

Third // [GUIDE] Business Development - 2021 Edition

Digital Transformation is alive and well.

For many businesses digital transformation and 2021 will see us using more digital in the form of; memberships, e-commerce, learning portals and digital products.

It will also be the year that invites us to become more creative in how we affect meaningful engagement with our audience and clients.

This TABTF Business Development Guide exists to inspire you inside your 2021.

This guide is primarily for coaches, advisors, consultants, trainers and experts.

And, I also think there is a lot in here for businesses who have not yet moved online because the obvious steps have yet to present themselves.

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