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[GUIDE] Templates, Formulas & digital product ideas for your biz dev efforts in 2021

Updated: 6 days ago

If you are a Coach, Consultant, Advisor, Trainer this wee GUIDE will probably prove worthwhile when it comes to organising your 2020 business development plans. If you are a professional services firm, law firm or similar, you may need a bit more brainstorming muscle to fully maximise the value in this wee GUIDE - and I reckon that would be brainstorming muscle well invested.

This wee GUIDE is available as a PDF and a Word Doc.

Its purpose is to make working on your business that much easier in the absence of someone facilitating you. You and I both know that what we can do for others and their businesses is abundant in comparison to what we can do for our own businesses. This wee GUIDE was inspired by that exact scenario.

Not your typical Business Development Planning Guide

It is my intention that this wee GUIDE shifts your perspective in at least one area, as to how you can organise your plans around a method that seeks to make your business both sustainable and profitable.

Contents of this wee GUIDE include:

  1. Inspirational Business Models - completely focused on doing business online

  2. Your Personal Values, Vision and Mission - Alignment Check

  3. Digital Product Ideas - As many formats as I could think of

  4. 100k Revenue Calculator - A new look at my existing approach to the revenue formula

  5. Sales Funnel Ideas - to act as a practical guide to inspire your own version

Free Access to this Guide can be found here >>

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