[CASE STUDIES] MVC Canvas: winning at marketing.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Lean and the Minimum Viable Product has taken its place, front and centre of millions of business conversations, so why shouldn't it be showing up in the marketing, media space, too. 

We've been using an MVC approach for about 7 yrs now. Longer, we just didn't know it then. Hah.  

We hadn't realised that while lean and MVP are likely familiar terms for you, the MVC probably isn't. 

We figured we'd share the approach we use that has us creating all sorts of awesome for ourselves and our clients. 

How the MVC Canvas Works!

Very similar to theMVP Canvas. Start in the top left corner and work your way down and across left to right. 


If you want 10 new clients, you want to be actively running your MVC with 200 perfect-for-you prospects sitting in your database.  If you want 5 new clients, then your MVC Canvas is being planned for the purpose of engaging 100 perfect-for-you prospects. Thus your High Value Leads Database requires you populate it with 100 perfect-for-you-prospects, of which 5 will convert. 


The Free Good is the second of your four stage sales funnel. The Free Good is a valuable something that your ideal-prospects would appreciate and in the process, notice the value/solution you offer to their specific problem.  

Free Good examples we've done in the past include: 

1. 45-minute lunch & learn for up to 200 ppl on your choice of any one of these three topics. 

2. 90-minute free marketing workshop. 

3. A seat at our 1/2 day workshop. 

4. Piece of rich, hand-made content that shows exactly how to solve a problem; video, pdf, audio, or otherwise. 

5. A seat at an industry event.

6. A ticket to an evening dinner.

Basically, a Free Good will pull from one or more of these three buckets:  

  • Intellect

  • Widgets

  • Experience


The kind of website that is far more sales tool, far less digital brochure. 

For more on websites as a Sales Tool and less like a Digital Brochure, go here.  


This really is the combination of some copy and design pieces that make up a Minimum Viable Campaign specifically made for your ideal-prospects sitting over in your HIGH VALUE LEADS DATABASE. 


Very rarely will your cold ideal prospect respond to you after interaction one. Inertia is at play, and consistent energy needs to be applied to shift inertia. We highly recommend 5 meaningful engagements over 12 to 16 weeks before you make a judgement call on your prospect sitting in your HIGH VALUE LEADS DATABASE. 


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