[CHECKLIST] Hire smarter - Marketing Recruitment for Davids, not Goliaths.

Hiring marketing people at the best of times can be scary and/or frustrating, at the worst of times, expensive and hopeless.

Getting it wrong more than not, has become the norm. We have high hopes but not without the feelings of impending doom. 

Resolving when to expect results from your new hire tends to have bets placed at the 12 to 16 week mark. But how can we be sure event at 3 and 4 months in that we're seeing the return we should be getting? 

Is there an easier way?  

Maybe not easier, however, perhaps a smarter way. 

Finding, hiring, on-boarding Marketing Departments of One is something we've been iterating for 10+ years. 

Following is the checklist that we run our own recruitment efforts through. We share it here with the intention that you get from Marketing what your business deserves, at exactly the right time. 


5. Exceptional Execution or Colourfully Creative.

Very very rarely will you get both attributes in the same person. Creative, Strategic and Colourful are people with an obvious strength for great ideas, strategies and blue sky thinking. They typically come with a D/I blend of personality types. (Red/Blue).  The execution of those ideas? It is rare that they will be able to execute well enough to do justice to the creative idea. Doesn't mean they can't execute, they can... but it isn't natural to them, it frustrates them, and they are easily distracted. If they do not have a high enough degree of self awareness, you will want to throttle them more than celebrate them. 

The person with an obvious ability for exceptional execution will likely be the one your business would benefit from the most. Especially, if you're in the market for hiring a single marketing person who will become your marketing department. Persistent, high value actions done daily creates traction, and ultimately momentum. This doesn't mean that they are void of creative ideas. They will of course have some...  but they will be secondary to their execution skills. 

4. Forget the tasks. Decide on the deliverables. 

The candidate will sink or swim during the interview process by offering them, not a set of tasks, but a set of deliverables. Talking, thinking, planning in terms of deliverables invites the candidate to embrace the idea that they will be responsible for determining the best course of action to take in order to successfully deliver the deliverable. 

It will be your responsibility to clearly define the 1 to 3 highest valued priorities for the business. These 3 high valued priorities are always present. The deliverables that support each high value priority in the area of marketing, belongs to your new recruit. 

The deliverable approach changes the game from having a non-accountable marketing person who acts far more like a waiter or a waitress, to a thinking, moving, discerning, proactive member of the team who is analysing the best possible way to hit a deliverable given all the plethora of tasks , paths, and options available to him/her. 

3.  Assess the abilities during the interview process. 

Invite your top 3 candidates to complete an assignment for you.

Watch for 3 things:

  1. Ability to take instruction,

  2. Attention to detail,

  3. Quality of response to your assignment. 

This will give you a very good indication as to whether you have an exceptional executionist, or a Colourful Creative. 

2. The first 91 days are mission critical. 

When we are on boarding a new person at Teach a Brand to Fish, or for a new client, we plan the daily activities for the first 12-weeks, starting with day 91 so we can optimise the Value to the Business Ratio. 4 to 1 is typically where new recruits start. That's to say, that they typically take 4 hours to complete something that an established, longer serving employee would take 1 hour to do. Thus 4 to 1. The objective for you is to take the new person from 4 to 1, to 2 to 1 inside 12-weeks. 

Day 91 - Delivered A, B, C and D. 

Well, if that has happened on day 91, then what are the high value daily actions being done between days 80 to 90. We then reverse engineer days 69 to 79, 58 to 68, 47 to 57, and so on. We hand this to the person on day 1 and ask them to keep it safe...  as the very first day is dedicated to understanding the new recruit, so we can link their personal values to the business vision. 

1. Personal Values tied to Business Vision. 

There is so much to be said about having a workforce inspired from within to smash business targets, compared with a workforce that needs to be motivated by external factors to do their job.  We can attest to the fact that it is not only far more cost effective, but the results are almost incomprehensible from the starting point... and worthy of enormous celebration when they come to pass.  Inspiring a person from within opens up possibilities and levels of problem solving that no external motivation can mimic let alone compete with. 

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