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Covid-19 and the #togethereconomy

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

As a Business Owner in a time of Covid-19, we find ourselves wondering if we should pivot, hit pause, do more promotion or pack it in.

When we add our staff (or those dependant on us) into this mix, seeing clarity on where best to focus our; time, energy and persistent action, can be a trick.

Like you, I also remind myself that it is in moments of crisis that I really get to see what I am made of.

We are a team of 5.5

4 full time employees in the Philippines that have been with us for years, a part time staff member here in Dublin and myself.

I have made the decision to keep our team intact; our revenue, client base and sales pipeline have of course been affected by the Covid-19 events; and instead of losing a member of the team, I’m making changes elsewhere; downsizing office space, cancelling paid subscriptions and foregoing my salary for April, maybe longer.

Right now, that feels like a no-brainer. The TABTF team works together like a machine. Each person with a distinct role to play in the overall success of a project. Quite frankly, I do not want to imagine a TABTF without them.

No doubt, you’re in a similar position too with your people.

People who have worked with you for ages; showed up in times that made the difference between falling and stumbling; Good people that you want to stand by now more than ever.

Friday just gone was a wee bit stark.

My optimism on what was possible for my business; for my clients and how best to course correct this situation was met with a rough and cold reality that had no problem pushing me back in my box.

I had spoken with nearly a dozen leaders working with and for Financial Services firms here in Ireland (a sector we do 85% of our business in) to get some practical, first-hand insights on what the situation was like this far into Covid-19.

My expectations seemed to lower with each conversation.

I had a wee wobble end of day Friday before reminding myself (again) that it is in this moment, that my true self will be known.

It’s so easy to quote the greats and bring your a-game to projects and meetings when the sun is shining and revenues are seeing a 25% lift for the 3rd month in a row, so easy it may not even count.

But who are you now?

Who are you in a global crisis with an economic shift that sees your revenue down 75% in a month and the livelihood of 4 people and their dependents at stake?

Now who are you?

It’s a great question. I love this question.

I usually sit with this question for a few moments longer to allow my bravado-type answers to pass so the stillness can come. It’s in this place that I want my answer.

I get my answer.

I’m fortunate.

I have more than enough to share. I have a good few weeks where I can wade into the community and do my part in course correcting what comes next for SME.

I can donate my services to businesses who need it right now; solutions, strategy, plans, focus, clarity, insights all to reveal the best possible starting point. I imagine it will work out to me donating 10hours of my time to a business in April.

I can move the TABTF team over to a lights-on-doors-open rate card (approx. €30/hr)

From podcasts to video editing, to social media, websites, online academy, design, copy and all the usual things that comes with marketing, media, and online promotion. I imagine this will likely end up looking like 20 or 40 maybe even 80hrs in April for a SME. If you're after a website, online academy or similar - that is a price shift from €2500 to €750 give or take.

Official details on this service will be released in the next few days to ensure we are organised and able to hit the ground running.

If you would like to be a business that we work with in April, email me your interest over at shannon at teachabrandtofish dot com. We’ll start with a 2.5-hour session to qualify each other and discuss what we think the needs are just now. If we’re a good fit, we’ll take it from there.



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