[EVENT] Dr. John Demartini, Westbury Hotel, Dublin, 11th Feb 19, 6:30pm - tix 50% off.

Just want the tickets without the context? Cool. Go here.

Dr. John Demartini has Dublin Ireland very much on his radar.

He's recently started increasing his visits this way and word on the street is that he is looking to add more stop overs in the next 12-months. (Go Dublin!)

I couldn't be more inspired by that news, really.

It's no secret that I'm a student of John's.

His work has inspired my travels, my studies, and my business.

So John's here in Dublin next weekend to facilitate the Breakthrough Experience.

He's giving an evening talk Monday the 11th at the Westbury Hotel (before he pops back to London to deliver the next Breakthrough Experience Weekend there.) - and I'm no stranger to those weekend workshops. Although until recently I was travelling to London for them - now I'm wandering up the road for them. And yes! I'll be in his weekend workshop Feb 9th, 10th - and then his Monday talk on the 11th.

Dr. John Demartini Breakthrough Experience

I digress. This post is about you. Not me.

Negotiating a special offer for the Teach a Brand to Fish community felt important.

So we did just that.

Half price tickets when you use this link to book.

When you use this link to book your tickets to John's evening talk, the Demartini Institute will give you 50% off purchase price.

Special mention and love to Lucy, Clarissa and Mar-Elize for being so quick and easy to sort this out for us, so that we can organise it for you.

Now - if you are not familiar with John, may I suggest you Google him (videos may be helpful) to determine if it's worth hanging out with him next Monday night.

Much love, much respect,


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