[Failing our way to success] S1.e1. Get stuffed.

[#totalfail - is a theme for a specific type of post we share that allows us to do 2 things;

First? Give you a laugh at our expense. Second? Give you another peak at how to failsafe things at your place. It's kind of like learning while you laugh, no?]

What the eff? 

Sure! Marketing is all colours and pictures and sparkles until someone stuffs, stamps and seals 100 envelopes only to discover not one addressed letter, has been matched with an addressed envelope and there is less than 3hours on the clock to make deadline. 

This was the reality in the Teach a Brand to Fish office yesterday. 

100 Envelops, Letters and Stickers ready for the job!

When we realised 50 of them were stuffed wrong :(

Pretty safe to say that the 'fit hit the shan' and moments later,  3 of us were propelled into what can only be described as Charlie Chaplin mode in order to save the job. 

We love a really good direct mail campaign and

typically get 25% plus, return from them.

They are carefully planned.

The data is hand pressed.

The content is carefully targeted to a very specific market

The ingredients include things like;

astronaut stickers,

hand written address,

hand written teaser on reverse,

lick and stick stamp

and maybe an edge of superman-blue Kaboom tape to hide our #totalfail that had us open each freaking envelope to re-map it to it's correct stamped, addressed envelope. 

Pop quiz hot shot!  You have a direct mail disaster with 2.5hours to go on the clock. What do you do? 

It was 3pm. Last postal run that day was 5:30 and I'm looking at a lake of banjaxed stamped envelopes that used up the previous 5 hours to get them into said state. 

What do you do? You leg it to the arts and crafts store and purchase: 

1. Cello tape and holder

2. Glue Stick 

3. Self adhesive address labels that can restick side of envelope shut. 

4. Something that resembles a letter opener but isn't quite a letter opener, because not one shop in Rathmines sells letter openers. 

Nobody at the office was prepared to accept ANY of what was purchased, so back I went, returning with... (drum roll please) 

Disaster management tools :D

4. Super man blue - Kaboom cello tape to re-seal the side of the envelope. 

The team gave me a thumbs-up on the second attempt and off we went into an assembly line you'd imagine seeing at a meat packing plant. 

More cool Direct mail post :)



We pulled it off and saved the job. 

Lessons learned? 

When you have a new hire, training to the nth degree is paramount. Every task, no matter how obvious to you, requires a structured, typed-out systemised set of instructions to be provided to the employee, along side the first 3 pieces of the pile to be done together. 

Need a marketing campaign to rock your business?

Check out our free 90-minute workshop and if it takes your fancy, we'll book you in. 

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