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Find, hire, onboard your perfect marketing dept. of one. Part 1 of 2.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

It's no easy feat, but it's certainly possible to have your own marketing dept. of one (MDOO - Marketing Department of One)  not only in the office doing stuff but in a rhythm that has value being added to your business inside 4 weeks. 

If... you're prepared to get your ducks in a row in the lead-up, of course.

Are You Ready for an MDOO?

Your MDOO will need a few basic things in place before they can use their own initiative and get skating into some momentum for you. They will want things like: 

1. The plan for the business over the next 12 months at least summarised in one or two pages. They will research, ponder and explore this over the first 4 weeks as and when time permits. 

2. The profile of the ideal client (market) that the business wants to invest time, resources and your MDOO's attention proactively pursuing. 

3. A desk/chair. (Consider a flat door over a stack of boxes... or a membership at a co-working space.) a machine to do work on and a salary of approx. 30kish.

4. A simple but formal first 91-days that they can use to focus themselves and more importantly use to gain some early wins to nurture their confidence, garner some real progress and add some legitimate commercial value. Consider a simple A4. On one side of the A4 is a timeline plotting all the key dates, events, launches, campaigns, for the next 90+ days. On the reverse are two columns: 

Info to Gather:  

1. What does success look like from 3 perspectives? Commercially, Marketing, You.

2. How does the business make money? What is most valuable, least valuable? 

3. The Top 4 Marketing Initiatives: For example, Website, Social Media, Consulting, Online courses. 

4. The Top 4 Marketing Challenges: For example, Going from zero to momentum. Brand refresh, creating first sales funnel for individuals. creating first sales funnel for corporate. 

5. Marketing technology: Which ones should the business be using? 

6. Marketing database: current status and next steps

Tasks to Complete: 

1. Meet the team. Sit down with each one, find out what success means to them. 

2. History. Review the business plan, marketing strategy, market research, old marketing assets. 

3. Capture ideas. Your fresh eyes are so important to us. Make a note of everything you see that we can start doing, do better, stop doing. 

4. Document the process. For example, how we create, upload, prepare, fulfil product X. 

5. Status Reports. Marketing Dashboard to track progress. A coloured pie chart to show weekly focus at a glance. 

6. CPD. We love to recommend digitalmarketer.com 

7. Quick wins. For example, a marketing campaign for Product A. Brand Assets x3. Social Media. 

5. Marketing Toolbox. Includes, but not limited to:

- Log in details for social media.

- Log in details for analytics. 

- Log in details for the website.

- Marketing Dashboard - status report with tabs for budget and keywords. 

- Brand assets in a shared folder: logo, font, images, photos of directors, short and long bios of directors. 

- Fortnightly offsite conversations about what was done, what results were created, what was learned. 

- Technology platforms: For example, Buffer, Canva, Shutterstock, Digital Marketer, Mail Chimp

So far so good?  Anything not landing right?

Curious to know what we would explore specifically for you? Find out in a 1-2-1 Free Clarity Workshop. Details here >>

Namaste kids!



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