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[FREE DOWNLOAD] ADAPT, then grow the wee-book.

There is a whole lot of old-world-falling-away, new-world not yet here, and in the middle, where we find ourselves just now, is a glorious space of transition.

Riding this out with the idea of returning to the old normal is not really on anyone's mind this far into April. But what is on the mind's of business leaders as we navigate this transitional phase as best we can?

In a word? ADAPT

In three words? Adapt, then grow.

I've got years of finding myself in a corner only to cry the proverbial river, build the needed bridge and white board my way out of that shenanigan, on a dime.

Maybe you could say I've racked up enough experience so that in this Covid-19 corner, I can apply the lessons of days past to lessen the burden, minimise the anxiety and reduce the wasted hours, effort and money, hacking my way out.

If there is one thing I've learned over the years it is that reacting to situations is NOT

1. Empowering

2. Profitable

3. Nor does it see me investing in building an asset

It's actually the very thing that keeps me busy for the sake of being busy; and small, and moving in circles.

This time is going to be very different. (finally).

This time I took a week to sit still.

I was uncomfortable that my business just had 75% plus of its revenue wiped out.

I was uncomfortable that my office went from creative workspace with posh coffee and bouncy balls to big price tag.

I was really uncomfortable, and I was ok.

So, I recalled the lessons learned.

I wrote them down.

I spent some time allowing myself to recognise; who I am today, who I was then, and what the difference between those two versions of myself is; and in that space my thoughts, ideas and perspective of what's possible now, shifted.

First thing I did:

I made a clean list of the tactical actions needed, today. Things like;

1. Reducing costs in the business

2. Calls to revenue

3. Calls to the accountant

4. Calls to my team in Philly

The things that were time sensitive and very much of-the-hour.

But nothing else.

Everything else needed to be anchored in an asset.

Something I would be deliberately creating.

So I had to let myself embrace the idea that the future I was building for myself was no more. That I now get to create a new future, in a new world, that is not yet here.

I took my thoughts out 1-year beyond summer 2021.

A good 12-month beyond the left overs of Covid-19 so I could bring fresh clarity to the vision I wanted for myself, now.

And so I did.

I gave myself a few. days to unpack the trajectory anchored in the summer of 2022 and ended up with an immediate 30 and 90-day plan that allows me to take action not because I have to REACT to a crisis, but instead, because I am responding to a vision.

  • I'm soft pivoting my business; I was 25% virtual. I will soon be 100% virtual.

  • I'm reducing expenses.

  • I'm growing revenue.

  • And I've embraced rituals, routines and a few key relationships to ensure I have the community I need to stay the course over the coming months.

Then I put everything I did, everything I applied to 'adapt, then grow', into a 20-page wee-Book and made it available as a FREE download for you.

I always think it is easier to edit, then to create. You are welcome to take this weeBook and lift, borrow, steal any or all of it to inspire your own version of clarity.

Either way, this is the time to ADAPT; then grow.

This weeBook is for any business leader inspired to be in service, someone who is using their business to self actualise; experts, consultants, mentors, coaches, small b2b businesses who sell direct to another business, or anyone now considering moving into this space as they realise they need a hard pivot from what was. The diagrams, methods and models linked throughout the book lend themselves best to these types of business leaders.

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