[FREE WORKSHOP] 9 July: Personal Branding & Influence for the Science community

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This event is open to anyone in the Science and Engineering community, from any geography, using the registration link below. (It's open to anyone really, but it is specific to Engineers.)


July 9th, 2020

12pm Irish Standard Time

Zoom link is shared post registration.

This is a live 60-Minute presentation.


“How engineers (and the Science community) can use a Personal Brand to design a career they love"

What we will cover:

• Personal Branding, Influence and your Career; is it right for you or not?

• What does it cost Engineers and the Science community who lack Influence?

• What would you gain by having a Personal Brand?

• How to build your Personal Brand to start moving your Influence into the same level of your Expertise.


IEEE, Women In Engineering Singapore (WiE)

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) by Newcastle University in Singapore,

IEEE Power and Energy Society Singapore (PES)

and Shannon Eastman from Teach a Brand to Fish


Registration is handled by the faculty of Newcastle University, Singapore.

To book your place on the live session, go here >>


Noori Kim, Assistant Professor, Engineering for Newcastle University, Singapore was reflecting on her graduating class of Engineers and their career prospects. She felt they would be best served by having access to the the information they need about personal branding - as she sensed it would improve their career prospects.

Noori did a google search using the key words: Personal Brand and Covid 19.

She found this article of mine: Setting up your Personal Brand Post Covid 19.

And she got in touch with me. We had an initial meet and greet, followed by a workshop for her faculty, and then she asked if I would deliver a second workshop to her graduating class. Clearly I said yes.

Noori confirmed that this workshop is free for anyone to attend - although I have hand made this particularly flavour of personal branding and influence for Engineers and The Science Community. The examples, ideas and presentation has been adjusted for this market specifically. That does not mean that a Financial Services person would not be able to get value from it - of course they would - it just means the examples are Engineering and not Financial.


Personal Brands are not for everyone.

And in order to make informed decisions about your own Personal Brand - information is required. This workshop is designed to educate on the 360 view of Influence. how it serves you, when it's not needed, and what actions to take now if this is for you.

It is my intention that you leave this workshop very clear on whether you want one or not. And if you do, the 3 highest valued actions you can take now to get that in place.

I'm not selling anything - I'm going to be giving you all the tools, tips, tricks you need to go and DIY this yourself. That Guide to Setting up your Personal Brand I wrote in the first place that led to this is a really good read before you get in the Zoom room on the 9th July.



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