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[INFOGRAPHIC] Sales Strategy Blueprint for SME

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

If you are a Consultant, Advisor, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, have a b2b service, product, programme that you sell directly to another business, then this Sales Strategy Blueprint could prove a helpful resource as you navigate the best way to get in front of your ideal clients.

This Sales Strategy Blueprint is the 4th phase of our S. in our S.T.E.P., Method.

The first 3 steps in our S. phase include:

1. Clarity of your ideal End in Mind. If you haven't yet got this to a place that gives you certainty and inspiration, this might help: Captured Clarity Process.

2. Market Research; Business Owners who proactively pursue a specific type of client have the highest probability of converting that market; serving that market well, thus enabling all sorts of word of mouth from the other markets that you are not currently investing time, money and resources into.

3. Database of High Value Leads: This database can be comprised in 1 of a few ways but its size is determined on the maths you teased out inside your Clarity process. Great marketing considers the End in Mind and is anchored firmly in the Revenue targets you are pursuing 12-months out.

The Sales Strategy comes fourth in our process and uses the following blueprint to help us craft your best possible version to realise your milestones, goals and revenue.

Prefer to start with understanding the S.T.E.P. Method first? You can do that over here.

Namaste kids!



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