Your B2B Marketing Campaign Checklist

If you are looking to generate brand awareness, attract leads, or have new business in your remit, you will likely find yourself delving into a number of b2b marketing campaigns. 

In our experience, a marketing campaign sees its greatest success when it is based on a marketing strategy, a well-researched target market, and a content plan. Executed over the course of 12-weeks, your campaign can do things like:

  1. Be carried out and observed/course-corrected throughout the process to ensure you see the best possible results. 

  2. Set up your next campaign to keep the momentum going. 

  3. Generate qualified marketing leads, setting them up to become qualified sales leads. 

  4. Collect data and insights that allow us to make informed decisions. 

Read on to find out what boxes to tick for an effective b2b marketing campaign.

Before beginning your B2B marketing campaign

There are a few things needed before you dive into your b2b marketing campaign and plan for next steps. At the minimum, these include:

  1. An approved Marketing Strategy that is rooted in your business commercials.

  2. A clearly defined Target Market.

  3. Market research— the insights from this will inform 80% of your marketing efforts.

  4. A well-oiled sales funnel for your Target Market (tip: you’ll want a specific sales funnel PER target market, more on that here).

  5. An upgraded website to support your Sales Funnel.

  6. Marketing collateral prepared based on insights on your Target Market.

  7. Sales collateral that positions your product/service.

  8. Social media skins.

  9. A Content Plan. 

Once you’ve taken roughly 4 weeks to set the foundation with the strategy and tools above, you can prepare to execute your b2b marketing campaign over the course of 12 weeks. 

Checklist for your B2B marketing campaign

A b2b Marketing Campaign is a 12-week hybrid of operational and execution plans for what specific pieces of content go to which specific online and offline places on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, targeting a particular type of market segment. It exists to fill the middle of your sales funnel. 

To create and execute your 12-week plan, you will need:

1. A view of the overall plan.

This looks like a paragraph explaining the objective your business wants to resolve, the secondary objectives which marketing will support, the strategy and 12-week tactical plan.

2. Activity that is a perfect fit for your Target Market/Ideal Client Profile.

The information and insights from a clearly defined Target Market and Ideal Client Profile will tell you:

  1. What goes into your Marketing Campaign content

  2. Where, online and offline, it will be distributed so that your communication will naturally begin appearing in your Ideal Client’s line of vision

  3. The when and how of each of your touchpoints

3. Your b2b Marketing Campaign Communications Plan.

Drawing on the insights above, your communication plan contains:

1. Sequence: or the timeline and order for when a communication is distributed to a Target Market. At TABTF, we define each touchpoint with a NATO alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc. The sequence might look like this:

  • Alpha: Monday in campaign week 1

  • Bravo: Monday in campaign week 3

  • Charlie: Wednesday in week 4

  • Delta: weeks 5 or 6

  • Echo: weeks 8 or 9

2. Format: Will your communication be a piece of snail mail, an email, LinkedIn message? Again, this is based on your Target Market’s preference. 

3. Production: What do you need to produce each touchpoint communication. Envelopes and stamps? An email script? Articulate the physical details here. 

4. If this, then that: This accounts for responses to any of the 6 communications. Alpha scenarios in this example would be as follows: If a prospect responds to Alpha, then send Alpha 1 follow-up. If a prospect does not respond to Alpha, then send Bravo. Should a prospect responds with questions, then escalate to brand manager to validate response/handling. 

4. A Project Plan.

Which tool or tracking software will you use to organize, track, plan, update on any and all marketing campaigns?

5. Reporting.

For each communication that is pushed out during the campaign, it will be key to report on:

  • How many were sent

  • The number of responses

  • Any queries that came back 

  • How many didn’t respond and will receive the next communication

Clear reporting helps us see how the campaign is working, gives us insights, and allows us to adjust in real-time. 

6. Database tracking.

This is a way of accounting for progress and ensuring things run smoothly. If we have 500 prospects in our database, then we need to account for the progress made by each one by which level of communication. 

It also helps the campaign remain organized and avoid any mistakes. For example, a prospect who responded to a Charlie communication should be tracked, so they don’t receive the same Delta communication as somebody who hasn’t yet responded. 

Final thoughts

Once you have taken 4 weeks to get your strategy and tools in place, it will be important to have this checklist completed so you can execute a campaign over the course of 12 weeks, with at least 3-6, usually 4, meaningful touchpoints with your target market. 

Your b2b marketing campaign checklist includes:

  • A simple summary/flyover view.

  • Activity tied to your Target Market/Ideal Client Profile.

  • You Communication Plan.

  • A project plan.

  • Clear reporting on progress.

  • Database tracking.

The campaign is designed to be monitored and changed in real-time to make sure it is as effective as it can be. The campaign that follows is designed to build on its predecessor’s success. 

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