The Top 60 Apps and Software Tools for B2B Marketers 2019

Looking to grow your business and want to save some time? Marketing Apps, websites and tools can help you to stop wasting your time and grow your business instead! It is important to keep on track with the ever changing industry of software development.

Some of these tools will enable you to improve your business while you are on the go.

This is an article on the Top 60 Apps and Software Tools for B2B Marketers that we believe at TABTF make a difference. Use this article to choose the marketing tools that will be helpful to you in achieving your goals!



Social Media Management



Email Platform



WordPress is a brilliant website creating tool. You can easily add new posts, images, and pages without any hassle! There is also no need for FTP software or HTML editing as

WordPress is a self-maintaining and self-contained platform. There are potential drawbacks including the sites security, it also needs frequent updates and the customisation needs coding. If you want to find out more about the website visit

From 0$ to $300.


Another website creating tool, Wix, has plans that allow you to get a site up quickly without any technical fuss and everything is bundled and provided for you meaning that all of the basic elements of a website are straightforward to configure. Wix have done an excellent job “triaging” customers based on their business and building out custom templates and features for each market. But, if you are using Wix for more than a few months it is going to become a much pricier option than some of the other shared hosting websites, or buying your own domain. Ads are also present even on a paid plan, plus apps and extensions are not seamless. Find out more online at

Wix’s prices start at $11 per month for the Combo plan. It’s ad-free and includes a domain name for 1 year. Wix Unlimited costs $14 per month and is ideal for larger sites (3000+ monthly visits).

3.Square Space

Square space allows you to edit content on the fly. When you resize the window, you can directly see how it looks on your mobile device, and no bandwidth or storage limit, plus there is a fully customizable contact form builder with lots of field options. Although, it does not not provide a good way to create multilingual websites, and there are serious SEO limitations for blog posts and product pages.Squarespace does not provide a backup feature and restoring your content is not possible, the website recommend (We are not kidding) copying and pasting your content into google docs. For more information visit their website

standard plans start at $12 per month if paid annually in a lump sum of $144. If users opt for month-to-month billing, they can expect to pay $16 per month.

4.Microsoft Publisher 

Microsoft publisher has a large collection of templates that are available by clicking the ‘“File” menu and selecting the “New” option. The templates are set up to auto-flo, that means the text too large for one column will flow into the next and then where applicable, onto the next page thus easy and simple to use. However it comes up somewhat short in the areas of graphic editing support and very slow processes, and poor security.Find out more on their website



Acquia can visualise your organizations vision and deliver it to you in real-time on all internet-ready devices with a great amount of support, plus the hosting service is quick. Although, it is very expensive and the online documentation could use a refresh in design and it can be frustrating to search through for answers. To find out about the website

Suppose that on May 20th you sign up for a monthly Acquia Developer subscription at $99/month, a 4 ACU server at $0.389/hour, and 10GB of storage at $5.00/month. On June 1, you will be charged (prices are approximate) the following: $33 for the Developer subscription for 10 days of May.


Drupal has great functionalities such as advanced menu management, polls management, graphics modification tool and much more. Drupal is famous for allowing to create and manage many content types including videos, polls, user management, text, blogs, podcasts, statistics, and others. But, there is memory consumption, low quantity, quality of modules on new versions and few themes. Find out more on their website

A standard Drupal project which takes 6-8 weeks for development may cost from 20,000$ to 40,000$ and higher.


For those with larger databases Sitecore is a website that you could use. There is easy integration with API, Customer service is brilliant and helps with exact customer needs. But, you will require a strong Sitecore certified developer base to manage the SiteCore platform. Find out more:

SiteCore’s licensing fee starts at $40,000 and is another $8,000 for each additional year. The implementation cost starts at $65,000, and support and other licensing fees cost around $10,000 ongoing each year.


Looking for a website that requires minimal expertise in coding? Joomla is designed for simple use for high performance websites. But, the extensions library of Joomla lacks sophistication, particularly when considering the number of reviews and ratings, function or feature descriptions, and more importantly, a better variety that leads to more options. Find out more for yourself at

Joomla is an open-source CMS, which means that you can use it for free. .


Microweber has nice ergonomics of the control panel,there is also convenient adding of new materials of any character, live edit mode and this works great from all of the points of view. There is a lack of ready made templates, and absence of full-screen preview mode.Find out more at

Price Point: Starting Price $ 2.99 /mo to $ 24.85 /mo .


A website where it is easy to upload and host videos. Availability of Brightcove APIs that give a very high degree of customization.  But, there is a steep learning curve for using Brightcove APIs. Plus there is also limited capability available to customize HTML5 videos( for Ipad) .

The Marketing services package, which include video marketing tools and analytics, starts at $199 per month. .



The user interface is easy to learn. And there is the offer to use templates with pre-set dimensions which is great. You are also able to download, copy and share links with team members! But, “ The mobile app is very clunky and has tended to misformat my designs when moving from device to device.”.Find out more for yourself at .

Canva for Work costs $12.95 per month (per user), with a 23% discount if the user pays annually. 


You can create unlimited images, keep unlimited favourite, 100 instagram SMS/month for pro users. Photo size comes with custom sizes that are already fit for social media posts, ad networks, and blogs. You will also have access to 2100 Google Web Fonts available directly from the app. However, there is a limited number of images you can create for free. There is no support for Android or IOS. Have a look for yourself on .

$9 – $12

13.Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop offers a wide range of tools that help in the creation of compelling graphics for web platforms as well as handheld devices. Photoshop offers a plethora of tools to help you transform substandard images into spectacular, aesthetically pleasing and shipshape pictures. Although, if you are a beginner you may find the interface difficult to take in one’s stride. Find out more at .

You can avail of Adobe Photoshop CC in a variety of pricing plans, starting at $29.90/month.

14.Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator provides a helpful user interface. It also allows for in-panel editing and it completely scalable. It is a steep learning curve, and requires patience, plus it has pricing limitations on the Teams edition. Check out their website at

They offer subscription plans for Individuals (starting at $31.49/month) and a Business plan for teams (starting at $33.99/month/license). .

15.Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign allows you to import and make images perfectly transparent. There are facilities for creating tables, it’s easy to convert images into pdf format that can be printed or locked as document security. But it can only be used to create layouts or master formats for magazines or books! Editing on Adobe Indesign can also be difficult to comprehend and takes some time to get used to. Find out more about it on

US$239.88/yr .


GIMP is open-sourced and licensed under the GOP. There is support for multiple open formats that allows for portability among other open-source program such as Krita and Scribus to create a personalised workflow. But, it does not yet support high bit-depths. This feature is coming in Gimp 2.10 ( 2.9 to test this feature). Find out more at .

Free. .


Pixlr is a free image editor you can access and use anytime from anywhere. Comprehensive set of editing tools, and can use it to edit photos right within your Dropbox. But, it does not have add-on features like more text designing options, more variety of stickers etc. Find out more information at .

Free. .


Inkscape is a robust free design software that works on any OS and device, and is also compatible with a wide range of file formats. Inkscape also has all the tools and capabilities you need for vector imagery. However, in an Apple OS, you are required to download a secondary software connector to use this. Find out more at .

Inkscape pricing adheres to open source standards which make the software completely free. .

19.Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is built for precision and speed. Creative sketching tools are available that simulate the feel of traditional drawing, also you can scan and import line images with transparent background and fill them in with ink and colours. Autodesk Sketchbook is mainly for the use of drawings and sketches, and to get to grips with it takes time. Have a look for yourself at .

Purchasing a Pro membership for $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year gives you access to all of SketchBook Pro’s tools, including perspective guides, Flipbook, Distort Transform, better layer editing, and much more. You can also buy a non-subscription license for $65. .

20.Corel PaintShop Pro 

Corel PaintShop Pro has an extensive toolset for drawing, sketching, painting and image editing. It also comes with five core creative applications. But, this software only works on Windows operating systems. Find out more at .

Starting from $63.99 USD per unit



Buffer allows you to create images for use in your social media feeds. If you value creating visual content for your twitter feed, such as quotes on images, then you’ll be happy to learn that this is a built in concept. If you are working in a team it can easily get more expensive. Find out more at .

From$15 to $399 .


You are able to manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more. Plans are more affordable than Buffer and the basic versions give more to you. But it is restricted to for link shortening. Also if you schedule updates to a link that is not live yet, Hootsuite will grab no data from that link when it eventually publishes. Find out more information at .

$19/mo to custom prising for its Enterprise plan .


Using TweetDeck means you will have direct access to your Twitter profile as well as the ability to sort followers into lists and search for tweets and/or people, also this gives the twitter experience more flexibility by allowing you to view multiple timelines in one simple interface.

But, to view tweets from a certain list or only tweets containing your handle you have to navigate between views, unable to schedule tweets, no tweets beyond 140 characters allowed,and delay between timeline updates.For more information visit .


24.Sprout Social 

Small business firm or large company searching to expand your social media presence? Sprout Social is for you. But there are restrictions to the social media access you are granted , down to the four social networks : Twitter, Facebook, Google+ page and Linkedin. Check it out for yourself at .

Price Point: Sprout Social’s pricing starts at $99 per user per month for the Standard plan. The Professional plan offers additional features for business at $149 per user per month, and the Advanced plan offers solutions for businesses at scale at $249 per user per month. .

25.Facebook Pages Manager 

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their prospects and followers, helping them to keep up with activity on multiple pages all in one place. Agencies can request access to page and ad accounts. However, page admins need to tread carefully to avoid mixing up their identities on Facebook. Find out more at .


26.HubSpot Marketing 

HubSpot Marketing is an easy platform to use! Their blog provides an exceptional place for business owners to learn about online marketing. It’s handy having it all in one place, but with a cost! Hubspot contracts are billed annually by default. If you want to run split tests, you’re going to have to upgrade to their $2,400/month package. Check it out at .

Starter. $50/month to Enterprise. $2,400/month. Implementing Hubspot is fairly straight-forward, but if you do require ongoing technical support, you’ll have to pay for it. .

27.Zoho Social

Zoho Social has a clear, responsive interface and is reasonably priced. The smart Q feature simplifies and automates publishing. Some of the features may not be as advanced as competitors and currently you cannot attach videos to posts. Find out more at .



Through use of tasks, collaboration amongst teammates is effortless as everyone is notified of every project detail so there is excellent ease of collaboration, plus effortless integration as it can integrate with your email and allows you to quickly tag other team members and send updates on tasks or projects. Although, tasks are difficult to break up and can become cluttered making it hard to navigate if you are not familiar with it. Have a look for yourself at .

Professional Package – $9.80/user/month (billed annually) .

29.Salesforce Social Studio 

Social Studio generates reports about your social accounts. All your social media accounts are accessible and manageable via a single platform. But, It is getting rather expensive and could be more optimized for cloud version. Find out more .

Priced by quote .


Sendible’s design and interface is good. The pricing is good for large accounts without an enterprise level budget. However with Sendible 360 still being in Beta, many of the instructional videos on YouTube are outdated, that makes training a little more difficult. It would be great if there was more training resources! Take a look for yourself .

MICRO $29 /mo to LARGE $299 .



GoogleForms is a free online tool, easy to use and it allows you to collect information easily and efficiently. With GoogleForms you can create surveys in just a few minutes to ask your clients/ collaborators information about your products/ service. But, it is necessary to have internet to be able to use this tool. Also there are security concerns, so the user has to create a good working password to protect it to increase the level of security.  Visit their website at .

Google Forms comes free with an account with Gmail or G Suite. .

32.Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core offers an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, more than a hundred question type, advanced logic, branching , quotas, API integrations into Salesforce and email triggers to help you easily create, launch and analyse your surveys. You can customise your surveys with 20+ different targeting variables from the geolocation to customer segments and site behaviour to drive conversion and gather the right feedback from audiences. But there are unclear error messages – it’s hard to find, when you have made a mistake in coding, what an error message means. Designed for DIY researchers, if you are looking for help you will need to find a vendor partner. Find out more at .

Price upon request .


SoGoSurvey allows you to create custom online quizzes, with advanced features that power learning, which you can deploy during presentations, have a built-in timer, and distribute over multiple channels.The reporting module also comes with 18 different types of reports. However, display logic questions limit re-ordering and limited bulk-edit mode. You can find out more information at .

$99/month. .

34.Zoho Survey

Zoho has over 40 apps in its lineup and as usual, most of these can work with one another. Zoho Survey offers integration with other Zoho tools aside from other business applications such as MailChimp, Google Apps, and Sheets. But you do not have support for display logic and no support for question blocks. Find out more for yourself at .

$20 to 89. .

35.Examinare Survey Tool

You get unlimited surveys, questionnaires and polls; 7 question types and answering methods; skip-logic functionality; fully customizable design; live on-screen results and automatic reporting; and exporting results into Excel, Word, Pdf, SPSS. Examinare Survey Tools make it easy for you to create and administer surveys, whether online or on-site, making it an ideal tool for businesses, researchers, product developers, and more. However, does not support Android, Linux, Ipad/Iphone. No 24/7 Live Support. Find out more .

Price Point: $40 to $3,270


SurveyMonkey is for large businesses that have unique needs. SurveyMonkey is up to the task with enterprise-level features and capabilities such as high-grade security and data encryption, HIPAA compliance, centralized administration and control, as well as integration and APIs.You can build sophisticated custom surveys with features like advanced logic, branching, piping, multilingual support, and much more. Although it is not the best value at lower pricing tiers, and it lacks display logic support. For more information visit .

The SurveyMonkey pricing covers two products, each with several tiers: Individual Plans (ranges from $0 to $99 per month, billed annually) and Team Plans ($25 to $75 and higher per user, per month, billed annually).


SurveyGizmo offers the most extensive survey solution with hundreds of customizable features that let you design surveys a well as collect, analyze, and integrate survey data. SurveyGizmo offers ease and convenience in targeting respondents to fill out surveys or questionnaires. However, some limits in setting up logic. SurveyGizmo has discontinued chat-based support. Find out for youself at .

The company offers four plans that range in price from $15 per month to $199 per month. SurveyGizmo also offers a free account that marketers with no budgets can use to collect up to 50 responses per month.


On QuestionPro you get access to what might be, numbering more than 300, the largest collection of questionnaires and survey templates so you can make professional survey designs and full customizations. The solution lets you create online community research portals from selected survey respondents for specialized feedback network. Although the changes/updates are sometimes made without customers being fully informed and can be an unstable tool, it crashes often. Check it out at .

Starting Price $12.00/month/user. .


Confirmit lets you maximize efficiency by re-using questions across multiple surveys or employing Doc2Survey capabilities to automatically generate Confirmit surveys from a Microsoft WordTM document. Confirmit offers action management features that watch your survey results for you, assigns issues and appropriate actions to the correct department or individual, and allows you to report on the company’s case load and ROI.  But, the largest flaw of Confirmits current version is a lack of support for Chrome and it’s an expensive program, plus the standard capabilities are rather limited. Find out more at

Price by quote.


Quick, easy, and recurring net scores are a universal standard for capturing feedback and dealing with it. AskNicely offers at-a-glance NPS where you can track by product, channel, rep, or anything. It lets you share real-time insights with your entire team and empower them to take immediate action to drive retention, referrals, upgrades, and reviews, thus allowing you to segment and categorize channels, employees, and products, in order to understand how performance is doing, and where your attention is most needed.


41. SEM Rush

SEM Rush provides competitive intelligence for your digital marketing campaigns, pricing packages are versatile and affordable, you can compare your competitors’ keyword data and domains. The application is subscription based. Find out more at

SEMrush currently has three standard monthly subscriptions starting at the following prices: Pro – $99.95. Guru – $199.95. Business – $399.95 .


Exponea offers plug-and-play accessibility, facilitates full technology integration from the ground up, can seamlessly integrate data collection, analytics, and execution. However, the pricing plans are excessively high, you cannot easily compare your competitors’ keyword data and domains, can’t track queries according to monthly search traffic For more information visit . .

Starting from: €670.00/month.


Serpstat gives all the details of the top 100 search results for a particular keyword, provides the historical data of a keyword per region or city, you get a detailed backlink analysis reports that include referring pages and domains. But, you cannot provide customizable reports that reveal historical performance and trends. Check it out .

Serpstat offers a free plan and two types of four-tiered paid subscription plans: Personal (pricing ranges from $19 to $299/month) and Business (pricing ranges from $499 to $2,500) .


AgencyAnalytics provides an accurate rank tracker that’s updated daily, can track Google My Business listings on Google Maps, offers support for Bing and Google with their localized versions. Although you cannot provide domain specific keyword ranking, cannot can view your competitors’ organic positions. You can find out more at .

AgencyAnalytics pricing plans starting at just $49/month to $499/month. .

45.Raven Tools

Raven Tool’s real-time Social Stream tool enables you to monitor and participate in multiple social conversations instantaneously, also you can generate detailed marketing reports. The site Auditor tool can crawl your selected website to get info on technical SEO areas. But it cannot compare various SEO metrics, good long-tail keywords or compare several websites together.Find more information at .

Raven Tools offers five paid subscription options: Freelancer ($49/month), Start ($109/month), Grow ($199/month), Thrive ($299/month), and Lead ($479/month)


Moz helps you to keep an eye on your competitors. Moz tracks key metrics so you can continually monitor your success, and it provides a detailed analysis of the top ranking pages of your website.However you cannot see where your competitors are ranking, can’t get detailed reports on your ad campaign data, can’t get in-depth and accurate ad data. Check it out at .

From standard $99 plan to premium $999 plan.


 Using BrightEdge you can identify which channels are ideal for content delivery and you can make your content search engine-friendly and easy to find on the internet. BrightEdge allows you to create professional landing pages that are better than those of your competitors.However you cannot reveal how your keywords stack up against your competitors on search engine results pages, audit tool can’t analyze web pages and notifies you about issues such as duplicate content, broken links, etc. Have a look for yourself at .

 BrightEdge’s rates are not published online. .

48. UpCity

UpCity helps you to set up your website correctly and attract the attention of leading directories and social networks. Using UpCity you can also create custom social media posts and schedule them. It assists you with social media audit and setup. But It doesn’t offer competitive intelligence for your digital marketing campaigns, digital marketing agencies can’t utilize it for SEO and pay per click strategies, and site audits, you can’t select long-tail terms and phrases for use in semantic SEO, social, and content marketing. Find out more at  

From $100 plan to $500 plan  


Optimizely presents efficient analytics to help you track user experiences on your website and you can lower the bounce rate, attract more traffic, boost on-site time, and more, plus it helps you to arrange webinars for your customers. Although you cannot provide customizable reports that indicate historical performance and trends, it does not offer domain specific keyword ranking, doesn’t enable you to compare various SEO metrics. Check it out for yourself at

Optimizely has three plans: Essentials, Business, and Enterprise. However, prices are not readily available on its website. According to a third-party site, estimated pricing is at $36,000-$200,000/year for an Enterprise plan.


BrightInfo enables companies to use their content to drive sales and grow their business. By It presenting each website visitorwith content that best matches their search and actions, and also It looks at the specific needs of your website visitors and presents a unique user experience to each individual. But, it cannot look at your competitors’ organic positions, It does not assist you to find good long-tail keywords.Find out more at

No fixed price point, offers a unique monthly payment model adjustable to your specific needs.



MailChimp gives you effective platforms to reach your audience, shows the action you want the visitor to take whether it’s joining your subscriber list, giveaway or encouraging them to buy a product. However, MailChimp has a strict policy prohibiting affiliate marketing under its Terms of Use. While they promote themselves as a marketing automation platform, we have to say that MailChimp’s automations are not very intuitive to set up. Find out more information at

The Growing Business plan starts at $10 per month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails. The Pro Marketer plan adds MailChimp’s advanced email marketing features to your current plan for an extra $199 per month.


Most marketing automation tools do a pretty bad job of mitigating the customer’s up-front risk (high setup fees, no free trials, and long contracts). While Hubspot do require high setup fees and a contract, they are one of the only tools to offer a free 7-day trial. However, HubSpot charges a graded premium beyond certain numbers and you could be wasting funds on the side at the same time that you are only looking at the positive returns. If you want to run split tests, you’re going to have to upgrade to their $2,400/month package. Find more information at

HubSpot’s on-boarding for Professional is $4,050 and Enterprise is now $8,100


Compared to similar tools at this level, Sharpspring is 3-10X less expensive than other tools. There are no long-term contracts with Sharpspring and If you want to switch providers, you just need to provide 30 days notice. Merge variables enable you to create more focused email campaigns.But, you cannot integrate with major e-commerce providers. Find out more at

Basic $400/ month up to $1800/ month

54.Wix Shoutout

If you are looking to turn your email campaigns into Facebook Ads to reach more relevant audiences, Wix Shoutout is great to use. But, you cannot target mail or ad campaign. Find out more information

Wix’s prices start at $11 per month for the Combo plan. It’s ad-free and includes a domain name for 1 year. Wix Unlimited costs $14 per month and is ideal for larger sites (3000+ monthly visits). Wix VIP at $29 per month adds priority support. Unlimited pricing is $44.90.  


It has a good array of native integrations such as Zapier, Shopify, MySQL, Amazon Alexa and Facebook Ads, among others, also it has a built-in storage and imports feature to make sure your customer data is safe and accessible.However, your call to action can’t be clearly seen on mobile-friendly landing pages, and the design process can’t be expedited through multi-user accounts and comments inside the editor. Find out more at

Starting from: €670.00/month

56. vCita

VCita is used for personalizing emails through a first-name basis which improves click-through rates. Clients can register events or book appointments for the email campaign. VCita helps to reduce efforts on the client’s side as actions are completed with only a single click. But, you cannot reach a wider audience on Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads as well as you cannot target customers based on previous sales, behavior, and preferences. Find out more information at

vCita pricing has three plans, which range from $29 to $99 a month. You can save $5 to $20 per month depending on the plan if you pay for a year upfront.


Multi-variate testing that can test any aspect and variable of your email campaign to improve its effectiveness and click-through rates.There is also  multiple content variation meaning In a single campaign, you can modify its content to different audiences. However, you cannot leverage your data by syncing with a wide array of apps and existing systems. Can’t use a single API request to trigger a series of emails.Check it out for yourself on

Price upon request to them.


58. Marketo

Marketo’s analytics provide you with the ability to track campaigns and pull reports to access data from any point plus you also get a complete view of customers on the web, social, email and mobile channels. However, The complex pricing of Marketo’s tools can easily cause a headache for businesses that want a simple marketing solution. All of their customization options require a lot of knowledge and time to make them work properly, and it’s possible you could need an IT or marketing automation specialist just to get everything set up. Find out more here . 

Pricing is upon request.


The visual workflow maps out the entire process for better visibility and easier digestion of marketing information. It has a wide variety of ways to segment lists, and you can set up automation actions to move contacts between lists and trim them down by removing inactive contacts. Although, ActiveCampaign does not have smart methods for sending emails by Send Time Optimization and Time Warp. Basic plan for starting out email marketing is not free.find out more at

ActiveCampaign has four plans: Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. The entry level starts at $9 per month (for up to 500 subscribers) and includes features like a template editor and marketing automation. Higher plans add a CRM and lead scoring, starting at $49 per month (Plus plan). There is no setup fee.


Icontact reviews all messages to ensure they will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. It allows you to build a list of email contacts from social media. Rapid distribution is helpful, particularly when time is of the essence- as in an announcement that is time sensitive. But there are not any  seamless integration with other software and extensions, such as a text-to-join feature. Find out more at

iContact offers high-volume email marketing at a price point that is affordable to businesses of all sizes. Email marketing starts at $14 per month, or $11.90 per month with annual prepay. Pro Automation starts at $99 per month, or $84.15 with annual prepay.

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