Marketing Campaign B2B: 12 Week Roadmap

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

A B2B marketing campaign is a cross between an execution and operation plan for the what, how, where and when specific content or communication will reach a particular, pre-decided target market segment.

B2B marketing campaigns support a B2B firm’s business intention and commercial targets and are often used to generate leads that support business development. Often they can contain an overwhelming number of elements and practices, such as:

  • 6-12 touchpoints

  • Specific Target Market segment

  • Call to action

  • A bout of paid digital advertising, 

  • Organic content frequently pushed out on all brand-owned media channels, 

  • Paid opportunities with influencers, 

  • An ongoing PR campaign, 

  • And moreover the course of 3 to 6 months

In truth, this kind of marketing campaign means a substantial spend for small-to-medium-size B2B firms with, at times, a frustrating lack of return.

At Teach a Brand to Fish, we have spent decades of trying, failing forward, learning and reiterating to eventually develop a jackpot, 12-week, 4-touchpoint B2B marketing campaign that can fill the middle of your sales funnel with a view to 5%-35% return.

If you’re curious as to how a 12-week B2B marketing campaign unfolds to generate results like this, read on for the full campaign roadmap. 

Before getting started on your B2B Marketing Campaign

We usually say that companies will want to spend between 1 and 4 weeks to gain clarity on things like.

  • Your Marketing Strategy anchored in commercial objectives

  • A well-researched and clearly understood target Market

  • Your database of perfect-for-you prospects, the number of people in the database in direct correlation with your commercial goals.

  • A sales funnel, tailored for your target market that runs like a machine

  • Tools you’ll need including a website that works like a sales funnel, sales collateral, marketing content/collateral

How 12-weeks Unfold in a B2B Marketing Campaign

A B2B marketing campaign, or TABTF Minimum Viable Campaign, delivers 3-6, but usually 4 meaningful touchpoints with your target market across 12 weeks. 

Weeks 1-4

Usually, within the first 4 weeks, you’ll want to carry out your first communication (we call it Alpha), online or offline, with your target market. It will be important to determine the following:

  • Your target market

  • Based on research into your target market, what your communication is going to say. The content should be hyper-relevant to your audience. 

  • Communication format: based on your research, by now you’ll know whether your audience would prefer to receive a hand-signed piece of snail mail, an email, a LinkedIn message, etc. 

  • What’s needed to produce it (stamps? A LinkedIn script & premium account?) 

  • If this, then that scenarios: This accounts for responses to any of the 6 communications. Alpha scenarios in this example would be: 

  1. If a prospect responds to Alpha, then they receive Alpha 1 follow-up

  2. They do not respond to Alpha, then send Bravo. 

  3. If they respond with questions, then escalate to a brand manager to validate response/handling. 

  • A project plan to organize and track your campaign.

  • An established way of reporting on how things went: 

  1. How many Alpha’s were sent?

  2. How many prospects responded?

  3. Any questions that may have come back

  4. How many will need the next communication (Bravo)

Database track, a way of accounting for progress with each level of progress. 

Once the communication is sent, prepare to track what comes back. 

Expect mostly radio silence. 

After just one communication, we typically see only a 0.5% response. 

In this time, it will be important to take note of any feedback, report on it, and course-correct if needed. 

Weeks 5-12 of your Marketing Campaign

If there is no response to Alpha, that triggers Bravo (touchpoint 2). 

In the case of no response to Bravo, then that triggers Charlie (touchpoint 3).

However, if there is no response to Charlie, well, we hope you can see now that Delta is next. And so on. 

Every four weeks, ensure you are reporting and course-correcting as needed. Also ensure that as prospects respond to a touchpoint, you have follow-ups in place. 

Why so many Touchpoints?

It’s important not to be discouraged if, after 8 weeks, you’ve only seen a 3% response rate. 

Human nature is inert. Procrastination is in our genes. 

Rarely will you get a favorable response on touchpoint 1 of your marketing campaign. 

A handful will respond on touchpoint 2. 

Touchpoint 3 of your marketing campaign generates the 5% or higher response rate from your target market, in a way that sees the middle of your funnel expand. 

Final thoughts

A B2B marketing campaign looks like a series of 3-6 touchpoints, but usually, 4, executed over the course of 12 weeks. 

With everything in place, from your target market to a plan for tracking, this type of campaign is designed to be run across 12-week, while being reviewed and course-corrected in real-time. 

Along the way, you’ll see prospects introduced into your sales funnel, and ultimately converted into marketing qualified leads. Data and intel here is extremely valuable as well. 

This campaign ultimately becomes a system that can be duplicated across target markets. 

Does this sound like something you want to try? Our Teach a Brand to Fish Marketing Campaign in a Box gives you all this information in a greater level of detail, specific to your industry, so you can run you next B2B marketing campaign yourself. 

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