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S.T.E.P. Method firms use to grow on purpose.

Updated: May 4

This is the first port of call for me when a new business engages Teach a Brand to Fish (TABTF) to support their growth goals.

It is a simple, practical and helpful method that helps me resolve very quickly where a business is right now in their business development cycle and the most efficient place to focus their efforts today.

Like a lot of things at TABTF, this is the byproduct of more than 2 decades of practice, innovating and course correcting.

Everything we do at TABTF falls out of one of these 4 core areas: S. T. E. P.

However, what is challenging to present in this Method is the possibilities, creativity and perspectives that businesses get to experience.

In this case, I recommend that you find yourself a couple of key people that you can engage as a sounding board, a blue sky sparring partner or similar.

You know yourself the power that comes from simply articulating things out loud, never mind riffing off each other with what's possible.

If you'd like that blue sky sparring partner to be me (I'm Shannon Eastman) you can book a free-70-minute clarity workshop over here and we'll make that happen.

For now, have a look at our S.T.E.P. Method; you will likely find that you have a lot more boxes ticked than you realise, and the one or two left to action will probably make 80% of the difference. (In my experience, those 1 or 2 actions are almost always tied to Market Research).

Teach a Brand to Fish S.T.E.P. Method

If this is your jam, then allow me to put a few more resources your way:

1. Captured Clarity Process as presented above in S can be found over here.

2. A few good sources for Market Research can be found here.

3. Our Sales Strategy Blueprint is here.

4. Website as a sales tool (not a marketing brochure - check that out over here.

5. When it comes to execution, our Zero-to-Momentum-inside-16-Weeks infographic can be helpful.

Namaste kids!




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