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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

In our world, the B2B website exists to support the filling up of the sales funnel and yet so many B2B sites are not much more than a big fat brochure.

It might look great, but if the content is on par with humping your target market’s leg for a sale, then the sexiest of sites will simply be a lost cause.

There’s a process that facilitates the shifting from digital brochure over to sales funnel. And after seeing our fair share of sexy brochures this past month, we felt it time to take the gloves off for a minute.

Consider that, your sales funnel and your website, are two sides of the exact same coin.

They dance together. They are tied together. They exist to enable the other. The yin/yang of each other.


The Sales Funnel comes first. This is your machine.

The website second – this is the clothing we hang on our machine.

Together they choreograph one helluva dance for you and your buyer.

Your Sales Funnel has three layers and assumes you have a product and value proposition already tried, tested and in action. (If not, then we’d need to take care of that first.


Feel Goods – This is the top (widest) part of your funnel. What goes in here is hyper relevant content for your Target Market. That Ideal Client you are here to serve? The activity, content and actions here are a mirror image of her/him.

You may be sharing content, interviews, podcasts, data, media assets all educating the target market on the impact of their problem, the different ways of addressing that problem and the approach you leverage to solve that very problem.

Free Goods – This is usually; knowledge in the format of; video, visual, text, experiential. This can also be a splinter of your core product that demonstrates value.

This could be anything from string to space ships // one size does not fit all. However if I were to grab a recent example of what we did for a client, then this phase made perfect sense to introduce a Free 50-Min ROI Ready, ROADMAP.

This means that the website exists to secure X number of Free ROI Ready Roadmaps weekly/monthly. Once you are in the Free ROI Ready Roadmap – that exercise is used to set up the TRIAL GOOD ONLY.

Before we take another step!

Your website’s primary purpose is to invite your audience to bounce between Feel Goods and Free Goods to warm them up to the degree they are ready for the Trial Good level of your funnel. If your website is trying to secure a demo out the gate, you maybe frustrated with the lack of traction you’re generating.

What follows, is the part of the funnel that is not necessarily promoted on your website, rather it’s promoted off the back of your Free Good. In our example, thatmeans a Free 50-Min ROI Ready Roadmap.

Trial Goods – To continue the existing example, we had our client work out a 6-Month Rollout.

This was priced at no more than 15 to 20% of the total value of the ultimate product. This step is an important one. It’s the step that makes it easy to go from Hello, My Name Is, to … here’s 200k. When there is a 30 to 40k stepping stone on the way to 200k, things feel easier, slower and thus safe.

Invest in Goods – this is the ultimate sale or transaction that comes off the back of a 4 step sales funnel.


A website that wants to woo you, (not hump your leg) will probably use a nav bar that looks like this:


In this case, the blog would offer up endless FEEL GOODS. Inside each blog post, an invitation to access the FREE GOOD is offered. In some cases, an invitation to a TRIAL GOOD appears.

The Special Report would offer up a FREE GOOD.

The Case Study is another FREE GOOD that continues to inform, educate and highlight best practices, and lessons learned.

Products are to educate and minimise the buyer-seller dance – most common questions, requests and information would be shared here.

About and Contact are present, but take a back seat as the focus moves to the Ideal Client and what they need from your website. A lot of Feel Goods and Free Goods so they feel safe and ready to engage in actual face to face shenanigans.

Humping Legs to Get a Sale? We get it. There’s a better way.

** Shenanigans – what too many businesses do to get a sale. Shenanigans like:

Humping legs,“Mummy!! look at me! ConversationBurning the FEEL GOOD // FREE GOOD creed we just built up.


Tweaks to support a marketing campaign or sales push would likely include:

Google Analytics to be turned on (If not already in use).The website is to be fully proofread and text edits updated accordingly.Blog to be hosted on the website (Blog is currently hosted on Medium).Add Case Study section to Primary Navigation BarAbout Us Page: Insert headshots for all key stakeholders.Add a page for Privacy Policy and another for Terms & Conditions.Landing Page that invites the audience to act on one specific call to action only. Ideally a FREE GOOD.

How do you know what you should make your FEEL GOOD and your FREE GOOD? Great question. Want to a great answer? You’ll find that here, inside the Market Research Program that informs 80% of your marketing with the best possible ROI.

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