What is a Target Market When You’re a B2B Company?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Without a clearly defined and well-researched, well-understood Target Market, you’ll likely find marketing to be altogether budget-leaking, head-wrecking and useless. 

But when you use marketing to focus on a defined Target Market, you will find that it informs most of the marketing you do, and yields and 80% increase in your probability of success.

So what is a B2B Target Market, anyway? 

A B2B Target Market is a flyover view of the audience that shares a set of traits.

TABTF creates a macro version of the Target Market and a Micro version of the same Target Market so that we can best understand the audience from as many perspectives as possible. Macro looks at a broader audience of 500 to 1000. Those 500 to 1000 people are made up of an Ideal Client. We prepare a profile of your Ideal Client to ensure a proper, thorough look from a micro perspective. 

The Macro view, your Target Market

Consider that you have a group of people who share similar (enough) traits that the entire audience are doppelgangers of each other. Talking to one is a carbon copy conversation with the others; decades of us undertaking market research has confirmed this. The macro view of your audience. 

The Macro view of a Target Market is a clearly defined segment containing specifics on things like: 

Job title: function and seniority level of the decision-makers you want to talk to

Business Type: we use employee count to tell us this

Geography: where your ideal prospects located

Sector: eLearning? Financial Services? Talent Management? 

Audience: This is a description of the number and type of people you are targeting — for example, 200 CTOs from eLearning companies of 51-200 employees in the United States.

80% of our marketing efforts informed by the quality and depth of your Target Market and Ideal Client Profile. When we find 500 to 1000 of the same type of individual, we have a market segment. And thus an audience that will experience our marketing campaign as hyper-relevant. 

Final Thoughts 

You might have a few Targets that your B2B would like to choose. In our experience, choosing just one and using 16-weeks to do the research and execute a hyper-relevant B2B marketing campaign means marketing that works.

Choosing several Target Markets and trying to communicate to all of them the same way, means marketing that haemorrhages time, budget and resources with little to no return.  

TABTF have already created several hand-pressed databases of industry decision-makers in HR, L&D, Financial Services, eCommerce and more across a variety of regions.

You can find a list of prospects for your next B2B marketing campaign on sale here.

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