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x3 GrowthHacks to Grow Your Small Medium Business

Updated: 6 days ago

Growth Hacks emerge after enormous practice, analysis and figuring out how not to do something.

3 of the greatest Growth Hacks I've discovered over a decade of solving the same problem day in and day out are here to inspire your own growth efforts.

If at first they feel counter intuitive - so be it. Your mind is just being challenged to think differently about something you are keen to learn more about. Make a point of not letting your unconscious bias get in the way with it's two favourite quotes:

Yeah! I already know all this! Next?!

or the other one...

This is bullshit - that couldn't possibly be right!

x3 Growth Hacks to Grow your Small Medium Business

1. Know 6! Serve 6000! - this is a money maker.

Find 6 people who each perfectly represent your Target Audience. They all share a set of traits/characteristics that make them pretty much the same type of client. They share the same challenge, situation, lifestyle etc. Invite each to give you 30 minutes of their time to be interviewed by you. Those questions seek to resolve their view of the problem they are solving. Their ways of solving it. The cost to them for not having it solved yet. How they are solving it now in your absence. Then the second half of the interview is where they hang out online, who they follow, what they are reading, who they are learning from. The first half of the interview tells you WHAT TO PUT into your Marketing. The second half tells you WHERE TO PUT that marketing. And because of the law of 1 and the Many - you are resolving what 6 similar people want - so you can go out and serve the other 6000 just like them.

2. Monetise it - Then add a second! - this profitable paradox is well worth it.

Pick one Social Platform to get perfect over 16 weeks. Then diversify. When I say perfect, I mean monetised. Become obsessed with that one platform and course correct it within an inch of its life to get the return your deserve - BEFORE - you pick up another.

3. Website is a sales tool - not a brochure. - counter intuitive reminder prompt goes here.

Your website must exist to do one thing exceptionally well - Use your range of Feel Goods to get your audience to convert into the Free Good/Trial Good. Not familiar with my Feel Goods, Free Goods, Trial Goods, Invest in Goods Sales Strategies? Here's a link to introduce you to them.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Feel Goods set up Free Goods which set up Trial Goods to set up Invest in Goods. << --There is a brilliant visual of the Sales Funnel at the bottom of that post.

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