• Shannon Eastman

Zero to Momentum inside 16-weeks; growth for SME

Updated: Apr 14

A wee look at someone who has already been there, done that can mean the difference between months and years of time, energy and resources figuring it out in a dark room, alone, versus shifting from stuck and frustrated today into momentum 16-weeks out.

If you are an SME that is a firm selling products, programmes, services direct to businesses, in consulting, advisory, mentoring, coaching, or similar, then a look at the milestones, the order of those milestones and the boxes we tick at each milestone could be incredibly helpful. Particularly in the times, we find ourselves in these days.

If the Roadmap feels helpful, you can learn more about how it works over here.

One of the key steps in our Roadmap is the Sales Strategy Blueprint; we have a handy overview of that process here.

As you prepare for this 16-week business growth timeframe, you can use our FREE workshop as a warm-up. You can find more details about it here.

Namaste kids!




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