How can we help? 

Modular, PAYG packages for SME committed to growth. 


Email shannon at teachabrandtofish dot com to schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your requirements. 

Tools & Media Assets:

Handmade, bespoke to your tools and media assets to support your growth goals. Websites, Sales Collateral, Content; Media Piece; Ebooks, Video, and more.

Growth Advisor:

Have Shannon Eastman on tap for Advisory support when you need it most. Access case studies; best practices and templates to inspire your own version.

Virtual Workshops:

1-to-1, bespoke, pre-work, and formal outputs. Some workshops have a prerequisite workshop that we can determine at the time of booking.

Firms who generated 100k or less last year have adjusted pricing.


Implement online presence efforts, or run a 4-week marketing campaign; or get your personal brand into momentum. 


We offer slim, fun and king-size packages using our employed team over in Philly. 

Group Programmes

Coming soon; subscribe to our email service to be kept informed.

To inquire about a programme email
shannon at teachabrandtofish dot com


To book a programme email shannon at teachabrandtofish dot com

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