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Creative Director & Founder
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Accent Canadian. Passport Irish. Definitely bonkers, and hell-bent on creating genius marketing and PR results for Davids, not Goliaths. 


I have been doing marketing, PR, sales, communications for about 100 years now (I jest, but it's not too far off). I first put my hand to marketing aged 13 in an attempt to save dad's business.

With nearly 10 years working with, and for, big brands including Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Mars, British American Tobacco, British Gas, and Boots Opticians, the call to get off the train and resolve how to facilitate sustainable and profitable growth for SMEs was palpable. 


Noble? Sure. 

Easy? Hah! 


What it takes to facilitate results for an SME is literally planets away from what is involved in generating results for a Big business. 


Let's call that chapter of the story; failing my way to success. 


With nearly 5 years of applied study, practice and refinement, I finally stepped into the space of *alright*.


Another 7 years later and my 4 S.T.E.P. Method, Momentum Continuum and upside down Marketing Model is delivering ridiculous results. 


Funny what happens when one is persistent? Heh!


Results that include; one of our clients asking us to turn the campaign off 3hours post launch as the response was far greater than they could cope with. Not something that happens every day alas, but we consider our best campaign as the competition we now want to beat. 


Another? That was a major UK distributor who went from, archaic to industry leading, inside 8months. After one of our workshops wrapped up in April, the CEO extended his hand and suggested those 3hours were the most productive 3hrs of his year. Not bad. 


I have lived, studied and worked in Moscow, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, North Africa, UK, Canada and is now enjoying standing still in Dublin Ireland with mum up the road, and the rest of the family down the road.