Going from Zero to One is a milestone and a gateway.

You seek clarity, focus, meaningful action and results. You're not quite sure how to get to the starting line, and yet seek it out, you must. 

Zero to One can be accessed through a coaching & advisory module or as a longer term (6 to 16 week) co-created programme where we work with you to co-produce the assets required to lay the foundation upon which you will build the empire. 

Assets include: 

1. Strategic Vision for the business that Zero to One is anchored into

2. Market Research to validate and inform the direction

3. Brand, website, social profiles, personal brand, sales collateral, 

4. Marketing Campaigns may or may not be actioned in this phase - they can be provided 1 through 3 are reasonably straight forward. 

This if your first real time to pursue proactive marketing, business development to grow your existing business. 

You want clarity of what, why and how. You want confidence in getting a return on your investment and you want to get on with it sooner than later. 

Zero to One will get you into the best possible starting point to run a marketing campaign that has the highest probability of return. 

You will be edu-tained (educated and entertained simultaneously) while we move through the steps required to get your business ready to roar. 


You are strongly encouraged to review the following free resources first: (you may even decide you don't need me after all that).

1. Our TABTF S.T.E.P. Method for sustainable and profitable growth looks like this >>

2. Zero to Momentum inside 16-weeks looks like this >>

3. Clarity and your Strategic Vision - very good piece on how I facilitate this is over here >>

When you're ready to show up, be seen, get into meaningful action and grow your business in a sustainable and profitable way, then zero to one is where we begin. 

Zero to One has 3 distinct parts: Strategy, Tools, Execution and typically executed over 16-consecutive weeks. This can be done in as little as 8 weeks, the average is 12 weeks. 


Throughout all 3 stages, (S.T.E.) we have 2 dynamics playing out; being present to what emerges as we get into action, the second is course correcting using the real-time feedback we get along the way.   



The full S.T.E.P. Method is here for your reference.

Strategy (and all the creativity, big ideas, vision, market research as well as defining the size and type of your target market) is facilitated solely between you and I.


What I mean by that is simply that this part does not get outsourced. 



This includes things like: positioning in the market, your products, programmes, packaging, pricing and structuring your sales funnel, higher valued programmes and architecting your own Methodology. You can engage me to facilitate you with these things directly, as in I take them away and  plan, build and produce the assets - including writing them up, designing them.  Or you can have the conversation with me so you can action them from the point of clarity reached in our sessions. 

Tools also include things like: your brand, your website, your online presence, podcast set up, editing, video editing, and all the other tactical parts that sit here. We have a set menu for these type of activities as they are almost entirely run through Philly. We will price these up for you when/if they are required, but work out like this: 

Websites - we use a platform that ensures when we have finished building it, we can hand it over to you to edit and manage thereafter - leaving you completely free to do the updates in house - they are so easy - or outsource that to someone. Websites average €900 to €1500 for plan, build, design, copy, links, images. You would be responsible for domain, subscription of approx. €150/year.

Tools (and executional support) are available to you at  €35/hr and sold in a block of 20hrs. Blocks are valid for 4 consecutive weeks and can be used for anything we do in Tools and Execution. 40hr blocks are available at €28/hr and are valid for 6 consecutive weeks. 


This means running a marketing campaign for 4 consecutive weeks before improving upon it and running it again for another 4 weeks, before improving upon it and then running it a final time for 4 consecutive weeks at which point you have a marketing machine.  This can be as little as 1hour a day or as much as 8hrs a day. A lot of variables to consider when making that call. For the most part, 1 to 2hours a day is sufficient. 



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